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Hi everyone,
I am planning to build my new computer very soon and i would like to ask all you computer people out there if you could all suggest the best components for about 1.5G($1500). PLease reply when u read this. I am looking for about the XP1800 or 1900. 1GB of DDR-RAm, 40GB HDD. Asus mobo, 64mb vid card. Thatas about all. What kinda HSF should i get too?>

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  1. For $1500 you can do much better than that. What parts do you already have? And why do you want 1 gig of ram?

  2. XP1800+ is fine.
    1Gb of ram is a bit excessive isnt it? 512mb is quite sufficient for most.
    i would use the saved money to buy a bigger hard drive. i reccomend a 800JB by W.D..
    Epox 8k3a+ mobo, cheaper than asus.
    decent 300W enermax PSU.
    decent case
    geforce 3 or 4 grahics card, depending on budget. dont get the geforce 4 MX 440 though!
    Stock HSF is your not overclocking. something else if you want to be different.
    go here for a good seleciton:
    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

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  3. what are you planning on doing with this machine? Sound similar to my new machine.

    80 maxtor
    Nforce board
    sb augy
    1 gig of ram, or more
    geforce 3 ti200....or Ti4200

    I would look at the ti4200, they are the sweet spot to me on price to performance on the new cards.......

    they can overclock to 4600 speeds.....most will easily hit 4400 speeds......good price for 171 for a 128 meg card......the 64 meg version is 10-20 dollars the 128 meg version is good buy

    Do you have a monitor? a good monitor is something to invest in. I am serious, because I have had to wear glasses since I was 12 years old, I have had my fair share of eye doctors. All of them have send after learning I work a lot on computers, is get a good monitor. better the dot pitch, the better. I honestly wouldn't get less than a 19" monitor after having my baby for awhile.

    speakers are another matter........and well I won't get into that, because I've had too many noise complaints with my speakers......hehe

  4. Do you need a monitor or speakers?

    If not for $1500 USD you can get (from

    Enlight Full Tower/Server case Model: EN-89020SX34 - OEM $129.00

    Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: $69.00

    ANTEC THERMAL Material: $2.50



    Samsung Original DDR333 PC-2700 512mb CAS2.5 - $149.00

    MSI KT3 ULTRA-ARU $108.00

    3COM 905CX-TXNM PCI 10/100 Network Card $35.00

    AMD ATHLON XP 2200+/266 FSB PROCESSOR CPU - $232.00

    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition $90.00


    GAINWARD/CARDEXPERT GeForce 4 Ti 4200, 4ns, 128MB DDR, $173.00

    Total including shipping: $ 1,316.08

    You will need a heatsink\fan (I am not sure which one to recommend). I am not religious about the case. You can save money by getting cheaper RAM, going with a slower cpu, and a smaller hard drive (or one with 2 meg of cache).

    Oh yeah add another $50 to $60 for a keyboard and mouse.

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  6. because i need it for winXP which is a memory eater. 1GB is an average need for developing.

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  7. I am going to do rendering and gaming on this machine, While in the mean time watching some dvds. lol, dvd-rw(hoping)

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