This is the worst forum ever

I am not speaking of the people that frequent here at all. There are come cool people here and the topics are entertaining. I am talking about the freekin technology or lack of actually. What forum software is this piece of crap on anyway? It looks terrible!!! You would think that a site as popular as THG would use the standard VBB or the other PHP based boards. Get with it THG this forum sucks a$$.
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  1. You'd be good friends with amdmeltdown and labdog...if I were you (thank god i'm not), I would leave now before the flame wars begin, or more likely, Fredi bans you

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
  2. what are you talking about?
    don't care to integrate some flowers under the posts. it is sufficient, easy & useful as it is now!
    the only issue is a lack of speed from time to time. that's all.

    <i>well, & the m who pissed me off from time to time as well. :tongue: </i>

    <i>if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...</i>
  3. Yeah, I have seen better boards but the simpler the better. Would you prefer a nice fancy forum that takes forever to load for the dial-up users? Or maybe you want lightning and thunder noises when changing pages?? Here is a site for you: Now leave the forum and quit your whining!
  4. what are you talking about? i have said exactly the reverse!

    I have seen better boards but the simpler the better.

    of course! perfectly agreed.

    Would you prefer a nice fancy forum that takes forever to load for the dial-up users?

    of course not! perfectly agreed.

    Or maybe you want lightning and thunder noises when changing pages??

    of course not! perfectly agreed.

    & of course, the important is the message containing in a post (the informations, the explanations, the ideas, the specs, the data) not the containing itself (the envelope, the coating, the paintwork, the layer).

    is it more clear or have i to expand another time - again!

    <i>if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...</i>
  5. The simpler the better, yes I agree but this is too simple. Yea this is REAL fast loading, with all the crap jammed all over the screen in every direction and every side. Come-on cut me a freekin break this forum is terrible. VBB is SOOOOOOOO much better (there are other PHP freeware boards as well that are very good), WAY faster because it is PHP/MySQL and can be config'ed just about any old way. The truth is this forum is run on very old and crappy technology. Ban me admins I could care less.
  6. That´s it, you´re banned! :wink:

    No, I kind of agree to a certain could be better.

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  7. What is the point of saying that the forum sucks? If you don't like it why spend time on it to comment about it. Just go away if this forum pains you so much don't waste your time here. Who cares how the forum looks? Would you like some pretty pictures on here or something? None of that even matters I just care about the people on the forums and the knowledge they bring with them. The only thing I can find wrong with this forum is that you were able to post here.

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  8. Quote:
    Who cares how the forum looks

    I do.

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  9. btw, i have tried for fun indeed. this link doesn't work but works!
    you are really pathetic!

    go on & the forum will turn into a nightmare!

    <i>if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...</i>
  10. the topics aren't just some reviews. have they changed?
    VBB?!? could you give me the link of the forum. i don't remember it.

    btw, how much members have you for now?
    since how much time this forum exists?

    well, if you could yet answer me. i am not sure but maybe you are already banned. :wink:

    <i>if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...</i>
  11. Presenting a problem with no viable solution is one of the primary characterstics of a dumb ass. Either give constructive criticism or shut your hole. And constructive criticism should be directly emailed to the people who run this site. Posting it in the CPU forum shows a lack of class that we can do with out on these boards.

  12. Honestly, I wish more forums worked like the THG ones did. I prefer the threaded view, and it's easier to follow a thread and ignore what you don't want to read here than I've found in most forums.

    English is phun.
  13. ROFL
    Well said

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  14. <pre>?</pre><p><i>if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy ...</i>

    ::throws rotten tomatoes::


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  16. Okay you want to see good forums? how about:

    Most are powered by
    and some use (really nice and free)

    I am not tryint to start a war here, all I am saying is THG needs to get with the times. I don't understand how anyone could honestly defend this forum. It is lame and ugly and very limited in what you can do. Only my opinion mind you, you are entitled to yours.
  17. I like how this forum looks, and I like how fast it is(it used to be soo bad).

    I like the markup, and I like the fact there are no pictures to slow down load times.

    What asides from the look(which is not a product of the technology which drives the forum) dont you like?

    Do you have real issues with the technology and performance of the forum, or do you just think the grey colorscheme is gay?

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  18. I like these forums. They are easy to use and hot a hassle like some of the others I have seen.

    That is a nice <b><font color=green>Garbage Can</font color=green></b> you have there!
  19. If the forum was fast, I'd enjoy more...
    I am sick of THG's slow Community servers these days. If only they were as fast like the beginning of this year. Now they're back to slow and crash almost everyday. If they'd fix it, this place would be even more active for sure, I am sure many people are having connection problems with it.

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  20. hmmm have you been to other forums? Other forums you can have pictures as your sig. Much longer sig then THG has. Also can load a picture or choose a picture by your name. Some forums let people upload files and pictures with in the body of the post. Make it a lot easier to post wcpuid and madonion scores and what not.

    Look at every other forum and you would see that they can do a lot more then THG users can.

    It's a fact... has nothing to do with flowers it's about empowering the people with tools to make this forum more fun.

    infact this is the only forum i know with such aged and old technology. Look at anandtech, hardocp, the moo3 forum ... i look at these and think wow you can be creative on these forums .. then i come here and it looks like crap.

    It's a fact, look around to other forums .. THG is the only forum like this.

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  21. this forum takes forever to load on a cable modem ... i don't have a problem with the other sites with all those pictures and whatnot.

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  22. cos he thinks the people are cool but wants the forum itself to be better ... talk about shooting your own foot. he's trying to help you guys by raising such a question to make this forum better and faster.... if we all scream hard enough it'll happen.

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  23. ya i agree with you but i also agree with his opinion which your right.. should have been placed under "other". or email the people directly

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  24. I cannot believe that people are complaining about a FREE quality forum with some of the best content available. This maybe a shock to you whiners but some people actually prefer substance over form.

    I am sure they could add all those things you like but then you'd probably have to add a subscription fee and other uneccesary crap like that. This places is all about free info, and the fact that it is high qulatiy free info makes me not care whether I can post pictures and have a longer sig. On top of that the quantity of intelligent people might go up if we didn't have so many flamers and trolls. And those "other" forums have quadruple what we have with pokemon pictures right below their names.

    Also, uploading files should never happen here since that would allow piracy and that is something THG would never allow or promote.

    And since no one has volunteered to pay for this new technology I think everyone should shut their holes.

  25. ever heard of a the terms "optional" and "quota"?

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  26. Yes, but you obviously have not begun to comprehend the concepts of running a business.

    You have not given any means of finance that are feasible.

    To my knowledge you have not passed this information/request to the people that actually matter. This indicates that you are whining just for the hell of it.

    Hopefully after listing those terms you have an idea of how to apply them. I would request that you list these ideas in your next reply (if you reply).

  27. riiight ... while your whining about my opinions i'll go back to what i was doing .. good day

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  28. Quote:

    wtf is this? a den of AMDmongrels? now I know where the crit is coming from.

    personally I don't like those stupid phpbbs's they all look the same.

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  29. Yes, if there is one thing besides this forum's server, it's the small sig space. I have been trying endlessly to make sigs but they just don't fit into 100 chars, and it's VERY stupid...

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  30. Larger sigs and images make for a slower forum, I for one find the limits given us reasonable.

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  31. And anyways, why are sigs just sooo important? I just have one cause a lot of people do and spices up the posts a bit...

    :smile: Falling down stairs saves time :smile:
  32. Yeah well if all you bums stopped loitering on here 24/7, the speed of this forum might pick up :)
  33. AMDa$$hole shut the %uck up. You troll around so many forums and you never have anything intelligent to say. The guys over at Van's Hardware forget more in one day then you will learn in your entire waste of a life.

    For your %ucking information they discuss just about every tech subject at Van's hardware. There are some very very smart people over there. You would actually learn a few things if you were capable of learning.

    The reason this forum is slow slow is that it was written in perl. SLOW SLOW SLOW. It is not a bandwidth issue, it just can't handle the volume of users connected at any given time. That is why a PHP/MySQL board would be so much better. It is 100 times faster and can be configured to look and feel any way you want it to.

    It is just shocking to me that a site like THG that is supposed to be on the leading edge of tech uses something so ancient.

    EDIT: now that I think about it, this is the same forum software that you get for free when you sign up for a $12.00 a month web host.
  34. Good call _cocksmoker. This is the only forum i visit. I've never said anything about Vanshardware so go and take your geeky abuse and shove it up your pimply arse. I couldn't give 2 _shits how this forum looked. If your so anal retentive to a particular forum's decor and functionality, program one yourself.

    Or don't you have enough time because the Terminator's going to get you?


    Edit: it appears you may have meant that for AMDMeltdown, if so, learn how to use a forum properly and reply to the intended person.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by xazos79 on 06/28/02 03:35 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  35. How much is everone paying for this board? I big fat nothing. I'm sure if everyone wanted to chip in a few bucks the board would look much better.

    Are you the friend who works on computers? :cool:
  36. In my history of hanging in message boards, I never heard of having to pay...

    :smile: Intel and AMD sitting under a tree, P-R-O-C-E-S-S-I-N-G! :smile:
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