Recover from overwritten excel file under window 2003

i have a file by accident being overwritten... how can i recover it back from the old save inform instead
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  1. Restore from a backup, if you don't have one, nothing you can do. Depending on how the file was stored, if you right-click on it, you may have a "restore previous version" options.
  2. make daily and nightly backup
  3. Take a look at the following guide and see if it's any help:
    Restoring files using Previous Versions
    Using Previous Versions it should be possible to restore the file to how it was before it was overwritten.
    Hope that helps!
  4. Previous Versions will only be available if you have previously enabled VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Services) on the volume that the file was located on, it's not enabled by default on Server 2003.
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