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What's happening to AMD's stock??

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June 26, 2002 6:25:57 AM

Why is is dropping like this?? I'm thinking of buying some while it's this low. Then maybe when the Clawhammer comes out the stock will rise and I can make some money.

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June 26, 2002 8:26:18 AM

i don't know & you?

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June 26, 2002 4:20:26 PM

Because Tbred fell short of people's expectations, Hammer is delayed again, and AMD is losing market share in the flash memory market.

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June 26, 2002 4:30:24 PM

Umm, it really has nothing to do with TBred or Hammer in specific. In general, AMD's business (along with practically all other businesses) are slowing down. Pretty much the reason why AMDs stock is so low is because they've reverted back to an operating loss for the past couple of quarters, due to a slow PC business and radical price drops for their chips, caused mainly by Intel's price drops. I think AMD is actally predicting gaining share in the flash memory market, but the problem is that the flash memory business has been slowing down a lot, meaning that even though their share is staying the same or gaining, their overall sales are suffering.

Pretty much the entire stock market is in the toilet. Look at nVidia. They were at 83 or so a few months ago, now they're at 20, for no real reason at that. Intel is down about 50% from a year ago, Cisco is crap, everything.

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June 26, 2002 5:15:30 PM

If you are talking about the recent drop in the tech sector then blame it on Worldcom. They are going to be pulling an Enron thanks to the help of a particular auditing firm. If you're thinking that firm was Arthur Andersen then you are right. Everybody is shaking in their boots right now, and it is showing in the market and its magnified in the tech sector.

June 26, 2002 7:10:45 PM

And AMD's ties to Arthur Andersen probably aren't helping them out any.

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June 26, 2002 8:01:20 PM

AMD is rebounding nicely today. The main reason for the recent fall in price was indeed due to their warning last week that processor sales were lower than they expected by around 20%. The are actually between 28 and 40% lower dollar-wise than the last quarter. However, AMD had projected lower sales this quarter, just not as low as they apparently are.

Now AMD is rebounding for several major reason is Hammer. The other reason is that share price is currently below the actual value of the assets.


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June 26, 2002 11:45:51 PM

the entire market is down, and on top of that, PC sales have been sluggish. Look for AMD to continue to slowly drop for another 2-3 months, along with most other tech stocks till the economy turns around.

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June 27, 2002 4:36:44 AM

Look at their 3-year chart, see any pattern? Good time to buy?

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June 27, 2002 5:17:05 AM

i noticed that the news about that big american internet company had a significant effect on tech stocks yesterday too!
mor arthur andersen fun.

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June 27, 2002 7:35:57 AM

Probably the same reason why the DJIA and Nasdaq are tanking... no one has faith in companies anymore, especially profit/loss reports.

Also, the economy, unlike what the 90's seems to teach us, does require profits, profit growth, and earnings growth. If those don't go up, as they rarely do in a recession, people tend to keep thier money is safe havens, like CDs (no, not the music kind), savings, bonds, etc. The stock market is a bit to high risk for most people when money is tight. Also, the market was extremely over-valued, and many IT and IC companies were inflated, price wise, and are finally falling down to more "normal" levels.

Also, I recommed reading the newspaper, and taking a Econ class. Really helps ya out. Also a plus for jobs.

June 27, 2002 12:56:54 PM

Worldcom and AA is going to spin out of control like Enron. Tech stocks take another kick in the face thanks to greedy execs.

Explain to me how a firm like AA makes a minor $3.9 billion error. Just the fact that they had the audacity to play it down as a minor error amazes me.

June 27, 2002 1:22:38 PM

Look at Intel's 5 year chart. It still hasn't fallen below the $17 or so and it's at almost $18 right now.

:smile: Falling down stairs saves time :smile:
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June 27, 2002 8:20:55 PM

Yes, they look to gain also.

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