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I have purchased an Acer Happy 10.1 inch Laptop today. Realised that the C drive is the only major drive with the operating software Windows 7 installed on it. Rest drives are smaller ones with Android, and other recovery softwares. Can I divide the C drive into 2 partitions so that one housed the os and the other houses my data. Then any futire formatting of the C drive will not affect my data. Thx
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  1. Hello Friend,
    Yes, you can resize partition C without lose of any data. All you need Hiren's boot cd 12 Restored edition.
    - Write "hiren" on CD or bootable USB flash drive.
    - boot from CD/ USB
    - start "Acronis Disk Director"
    - Choose "resize partition size"
    - Reduce the size of the end of the partition
    - create new partition
    that's all :)
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