ATI drivers corrupt and nothing appears in assembly

Hello, so I've been struggling to find solve some driver issues with my 7950 for the past while now. Ever since I upgraded from my 6850 to my 7950, I've had a few graphical bugs that can easily be associated to poor driver install. To this point, they haven't been too bad but I just really want to have a clean looking game.

After looking around for a few solutions and trying most of them to no avail, I have finally come across one that might fix my problem. It involves uninstally CCC, then using Driversweeper, before making sure to uninstall any files with a particular key token.

The thing is, nothing is in Windows/Assembly outside a host of folders and .dll's. When I look into this folder on my laptop, I can see these files and even sort by public key token, but I am unable to even sort by that on my desktop where I am having my problem.

Have I missed a huge step?

I'm running Windows 7, 64bit at the moment.
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  1. i've had some problem like that upgrading in the past, make sure to uninstall and clean in safe mode (F8 before windows loads) then restart and install the newest drivers

    If that doesn't work you could try to use sysprep command but in last resort... (you can google it for some instructions if you're not familiar with this command)
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