Need confirmation on CPU settings & other question

In a few days time, ill be installing a new motherboard into a case. The motherboard is an Asus A7V266-C, & the CPU to be installed would be an AthlonXP 1700+

Now i understand the speed of the 1700+ to be about 1.47GHz & that the FSB should be about 133MHz. So that would mean the multiplier should be set at 11 (11 x 133 = 1463MHz). Is that all correct?

Now since i can set the motherboard to be jumperless, i would have to do the settings in the BIOS. And if im not mistaken, i wouldnt need to set the voltage (or rather, it wont allow me to set the volatge), am i correct to assume this?

Next, a motherboard question. To my understanding, Asus has this "C.O.P." thing which protects the CPU from damage. And as far as i know, only the more recently released motherboards has this feature. My question is, does the Asus motherboard i bought contain this feature?

Now i didnt buy the board for that feature actually, it really came as a surprise that the A7V266-C had it & i totally welcome it, however i need to hear from some of you (those that recently bought it perhaps), to make sure its actually on the board & not just some misleading advertisement.

Lastly, thermal paste. I understand that some thermal pastes "settle" over time. Some in fact harden (like the Coolermaster PTK-001), so should i be worried about that? Should i replace the paste every now & then?

Thanks once again :)
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  1. 11x133. yes that is correct.
    the bios will put the cpu to the default voltage of 1.75v.
    your mobo doesnt contain COP. it was only introduced with the A7V333. as it stands your board will have the standard overheat shutdown method via temp readings from the undersocket temp probe. will shut your system down in event of things like fan failure but not ripping off the heatsink.

    if you get decent thrmal paste it should last for years. just remember, a very very thin coating.

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  2. Ahh thank you :D Hopefully ill have it all installed in a couple of days (tomorrow ill get my sweetheart, the GeForce4 Ti4200).
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