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Recently built a new System build around Rambus have a pent 4 2.26 but only 800 rambus. Is it possible to overclock it to 1066 to get the full bandwith of the pent 4 processer. If so how and how safe is it? do i need to put extra cooling in the case? i have 3 case fans 1 power supply fan and a CPU fan in there already.
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  1. its possible yes, fatburger has takes his 800 to 1066. but it depends on the brand and make... his is i believe sambsung rdram. whats yours?

    but it sounds like your cooling is sufficient. 3 casefans is more than enough.

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  2. samsung 800-40 16(the double sided) rambus
    but how is this done exactly? and how can i test if its safe?
  3. I got 2x256mb of rd800 Samsung ram. I set the multiplier to x4 instead of x3. Unfortunateky windows shut down to protect from damage. I had no luck with my Samsung ram.
  4. i turn it up to X3 and ran Sandra i saw no change from the auto default really so i turned it up to 4X and i got

    RAM Int Buffered ISSE2 Bandwidth 3325mb
    RAM floater buffered iSSE2 Bandwidth 3315mb
    Int buffered
    Assignment 3228mb
    Scaling 3225mb
    addition 3423mb
    triad 3425mb
    data item side 16 bites/128 bits
    bandwidth efficiency 78%

    Float buffered
    Assignment 3222mb
    Scaling 3217mb
    addition 3412mbb
    triad 3412mb
    data item side 16 bites/128 bits
    bandwidth efficiency 77

    System chipset
    Front side buf speed 4 x 134 mhz (536mhz)
    max buf bandwidth 4288mb

    Whats this all mean?
    does it mean im running at 1066mhz ram with my 800 rambus?
    im kinda confused ;p please help
    also if so is it safe to run at this speed any danger to causing damage to my ram
  5. Yes, you're running at PC1066. Enjoy :smile:

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  6. Correct if I am wrong buy you take your FSB speed time the RAM multiplier times the amount of RIMMs for 16 bit RAMBUS tech, how does it for 32 bit?

    So you would be 4x134x2 giving you a speed of approx. 1066MHz.

  7. hmm, does it have any effect to buy either ECC or NonECC samsung ram to overlock? What if its not double sided? because i cant find it ECC...
  8. ECC is like what Error correction checking? That means you can set it to check for errors I guess. When you have this feature turned on, it slows a bit. It's also more expensive and unless you 're a pro designer who absolutely needs pure stability you don't need this.

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  9. 32 Bit has double the pathways on a singel chip, so you can mulitply by 2 on a single chip. It's PC4200, I believe (Should be interesting if DDR comes out with a PC4200 SIMM)

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  10. But wouldn't they need to change the motherboards specs back to SIMM?

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  11. ECC is basicly a pairity check. 9 Bits instead of 8. 8 normal bits and a pairity bit that checks the rest to make sure no data is corrupted.

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  12. looking for a way to test if its safe to oc my ram? i have no heat sinks but the fans that came with my case
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