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Mouse doesn't work correctly after OC

March 5, 2013 11:34:42 AM

after I overclocked my fx-6300 my mouse doesn't work right.
one of two things happen.
I can double click an app/folder/ or start button and it will open up immediately or I will double click and it will just highlight the app and do nothing.

when it only highlights an app after a double click, I have to click it like 10 times really fast to open the app or folder up.

apps pinned to the start bar usually just take 1 click but sometimes it take 3-4 clicks.

i have tried adjusting the double click setting and even tried to update drivers and it persist.

ANY ideas??? Didn't do this b4 i oc. OC'ed to 4.1ghz stock volt with after market 120mm fan.

Msi 970A-G46
4gb RAM-- 1600--- timings cas= 4 clocks rest is 11-11-11-28
80gb barracuda with windows 7
1tb barracuda
geforce gt 630

core temps 25c-38c the 38 was with a prime95 stress test for 30-min -- it peaked at 38c and pretty much idled at 33c at 100%load the rest of the time.
core was 200 x 20.5 with cool & quite off rest stock settings.

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