SiSoft Sandra 2002 and Athlon XP 2100+

When I first installed my motherboard (Gibabyte GA-7VRXP) and ran windows XP pro (without reinstalling) it read my cpu as an XP 1500. To fix this I switched a switch on the mobo that changes the system bus frequency from 100mhz (what it was at) to 133mhz (what I switched it to). Windows then read it as an XP 2100 (what it's supposed to be). Just to make sure, I checked it with SiSoft Sandra which indicated that it was above the Pentium 2 ghz (which it is). Later on I experienced some problems with Directx8.1 so I reinstalled windows xp. Windows still says my cpu is an athlon xp 2100 but sisoft sandra is now indicating that it is performing below the Pentium 2 ghz and even below the amd athlon 1800+. The overall performance has also decreased (games, applications, etc.). Anybody know what I should do? Any help is greatly appreciated. The tests I use where the Multimedia benchmark and the arithmatic benchmark. I also used 3d mark 2001 (which also indicated a drop in performance, about 30% to 40% performance loss).
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  1. Something has changed in your settings, lowering average performance, could be a patch, a registry setting or an apps installation, it could be as simple as your swap file not being in the same place etc etc.

    Try and figure out what is different now, tweak xp? Did you upgrade? Swapfile settings.

    Nothings broken, but something is set up differently, make sure you have all of the drivers you need for your system, and not the latest but the ones you used to have (if you can remember.

    It is gonna be a hard job, but you can do it if you work at it.

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  2. the very first thing i did when i reinstalled windows was install sandra and check my computer. no tweaks, upgrades, etc. Several drivers had been installed over other drivers, i had several programs installed, theres no telling how i had it before. You think they packaged the wrong chip somehow? i'd like to figure this out myself, but i need some sort of direction.
  3. Something software has changed, there is no way otherwise to explain the loss of performance.

    I would check any settings you can check in the system control panel.

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