SonyVaio Recovery Problem

I had a trojan virus and felt the most appropriate action to ensure it was totally gone was to restore back to factory settings.

I used the F10 recovery method as the virus left me unable to open Sony Vaio Recovery Utility.

It worked fairly successfully, but now has a dialogue box asking for me to insert the recovery discs or application discs, and opens the DVD drive. I don't have any recovery discs - the laptop came with software pre-installed and stupidly I didn't make a recovery disc.

It's not possible to skip this stage, but if I press Alt+Tab I can access the usual Start menu, desktop, etc.

I've tried putting in another software disc and installing that software to see if I can 'dupe' it into thinking I've done what it wants, but there's no fooling it!

Whenever I restart the laptop the same dialogue boxes come up asking for the discs.

The model is a VGN-FS315B.

Can anyone help?
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  1. more and more often in the last few years laptops come with the opertating systems pre-installed - nothing new there, but more importantly they remind you to create your own backup media as a top priority.... Im guessing you didnt do this ? You may be able to obtain a recovery disc from Sony, but they will need evidence of purchase etc.

    Make sure you dont have a seperate partition on your hard drive that containts the recovery files - judging by the prompt for a cd/dvd Im guessing you dont - doesnt hurt to check though
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