My next Gaming System.. Comments Please

* Pent IV – 2.0 Gig (Northwood Core) on a ASUS Motherboard (p4b266c? or what would you recommend)
* 512 Meg DDR Ram
* 80 Gig Maxtor – 7200 RPM Hard Drive
* MSI Geforce4 TI4400 Video Card
* D-Link Network Card
* 56X CD-Rom
* 32x12x48 CD Burner
* Sound Blaster Live X-gamer Sound Card
* Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro (USB)
* Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (USB)
* 19” Monitor – (Samsung 955DF)
* Creative Inspire 5.1 Sound System
* On-stream IDE 30 Gig Tape Backup System - I know they closed up shop once but there back and it is a nice cheap backup system with lot's of space and quick... Comments?

I thought this or with a AMD AthlonXP 1900+ or something similar to that... Using a P3-550 now and don't want to buy for another few years!

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  1. Ok, I may make some changes.

    P4 2.0A Retail - $191
    512MB Samsung PC2700 - $150
    ABIT IT7 MAX - $152
    80GB WD SE w/ 8MB cache - $114
    LeadTek GF4 Ti4400 - $237
    52X Lite-On Black - $29
    32x12x40 Lite-On Black - $67
    Sound Blaster Live! XGamer - $84
    Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Keyboard and Mouse Black/Silver - $79
    19" ViewSonic G90Fb PerfectFlat - $275
    Creative Inspire 5.1 5300 - $72
    Chieftec Server Chasis Model DX-01BD-420W Charcoal Black - $70

    For: $1520USD

    That's a sweet <b>black</b> system. It'll perform about the same as a XP1900+, but if you overclock you can easily get it quite a bit faster. You could also substitute a P4 1.8A for the 2.0A.

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  2. Here's my list of parts for a super gaming machine. This system will last a very long time, can be overclocked if you want to play. If you do get a special CPU cooler. In the future this setup will be easily upgradable. A second drive would be great. This MOBO can be setup for RAID also. If you get crazy with a lot of equipment you may want to consider a 500+ Watt power supply. Good luck and have fun with it.

    Cooler Master 201 Aluminum case
    Gigabyte GA-8ihxp MOBO (533M BUS)
    Intel P4 2.26G CPU (533M BUS)
    512M Kingston PC-1066 Rambus memory (2x256M)
    Enermax 431W power supply
    Western Digital 100G special edition Hard Drive (8M Cache)
    Pioneer CD
    Pioneer A04 CD/DVD-RW
    Visiontek Xtasy ti4600 video card
    Creative Labs Autidgy Platium EX sound card
    Generic floppy
    Mouse, Monitor and keyboard
  3. You do realize that your system would cost a friggin <b>LOAD</b> of money? Maybe try and price a system within his ballpark...

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  4. Thanks Guys...

    Chuck my price is pretty much what you are stating there also...

    I read the review on the Video Cards here at THG and I see the MSI is louder than the others, why do you suggest Leadtec?

    Also, I really like a good sound system so I was thinking the Inspire 5700, but I just read the review here on the 13 sound systems and the Altec 641 or the 510D from Cambridge is the better suggestion...

    I really want to make this a final purchase for awhile and I did want to go black on silver with it all but thought I might have to do some painting etc on the cd-rom drives etc to be all black.


    Just looked up that case... Very Nice and what I was looking for... With the door cover even if the drives are staggered white / black would still be nice I think.

    Thanks Again!
  5. Ok, you choose the speakers. Well the CD-ROM and CD-RW that I had in there are both black as is the monitor. Yeah, the case is very nice, and I'd get it if I were building a computer.

    I suggest the LeadTek cause it has a massive HSF with 2 fans and a heatsink that goes all the way around the card. It overclocks a bit better than the average Ti4400. IF you're not into overclocking, then get something else.. but it's still pretty cheap for a Ti4400 card.

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  6. I'm in a similar situation to Vince. My system is about 4 years old (PII 400), so I need something with more power. I'd like to keep it in the $1500 range. Right now I've got two major options I'm weighing. An AMD XP 2100 based system, or an Intel P4 2.26 GHZ system using the SIS645 or 845G chipset with PC2700 ram. Getting the same system with the 850E chipset and RAMBUS would raise the price a couple hundred bucks.

    I'm having difficulty finding a site with a direct comparison with all of the specs I'm looking for. Most of them only cover the P4 with the Intel 850E chipset with the RAMBUS ram versus the Athlon. There might be an article covering that on this site, but I was unable to find it.

    Anyway, here are the most important specs for the 2 systems I'm looking at, tell me what you think. I've omitted a few obvious components in the interest of brevity.

    Power AMD DDR333 Series PC SYS-PAD333 $1397.00
    Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live
    Network Card: CNET 10/100
    CPU: Athlon XP 2100
    Monitor: 19-inch Optiquest Q95
    Mouse: Logitech WheelMouse Optical
    Video Card: GeForce4 TI4400 128MB w/TV
    CDROM or DVD: 16X DVD
    Memory Size: 512MB PC2700
    Motherboard: Gigabyte 7VRX
    Hard Drive: 60 GB 7200rpm
    Case: Enlight 340W Midtower

    Power Intel Pentium 4 Series PC SYS-P4-D $1417.00
    Sound Card: SoundBlaster Live
    CPU: Pentium 4 2.26Ghz 533FSB
    Monitor: 19-inch Optiquest Q95
    Mouse: Logitech WheelMouse Optical
    Video Card: GeForce4 TI4400 128MB w/TV
    CDROM or DVD: 16X DVD
    Memory Size: 512MB PC2700
    Motherboard: MSI 6547E 533FSB
    Hard Drive: 60 GB 7200rpm
    Case: Enlight 340W Midtower
  7. Hi Chuck,

    I'm still trying to decide on a MotherBoard... I want to stay with a ASUS because I've alway's supported them and they are so relyable etc...

    I have a choice of the following :

    P4T-E (Rambus)

    I want to stay with DDR Memory but not sure about the 2100 or 2700 MHz memory and what goes on each board...

    I did some reading and I think the best solution would be a Asus board on a 533 Mhz bus with 2700 Mhz DDR Ram... would that be correct?

    Guess I should add that I'm going to go with the 2.0A Northwood chip because of the low heat and overclock ability with it over the AMD at this point...

    My prices have a $74.00 difference on a P4 2.0A ($293 Canadian) compared to a Athlon 2000+ ($219 Canadian) they would run similar, possibly AMD slitly faster right?

    Thanks again!

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  8. Ok take out that A7V333 from that list, that's for AXP CPUs. DDR2700 would perform quite a bit better than PC2100. And if you want to stay with ASUS, I think the only mobo that actually supports PC2700 is the P4S5333, which uses the SiS645DX chipset. Or you could do this:

    Get a P4B533-E and then overclock to FSB of 124MHz, then set the CPU/RAM ratio at 3:4 creating PC2700. You'd have to overclock, but I'm sure you were going to anyways. On the other hand you could get a IT7 (although you like ASUS) it has wicked overclocking options like locking the PCI/AGP bus speeds, therefore making it unlikely to burn any thing in those slots.

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  9. Yes the P4S533 is a 645DX chipset which is the one I think I want... I don't want to be caught with Rambus if you pay more now and have upgrade problems later etc.

    I had a bad experience with a ABIT board on my last one, a PIII 550 overheated at it's original temp but when I put it on my Asus P2B board the temp is fine and I can now overclock it too... very strange.

    So I think I will go the Asus P4S533 with 512 Meg 2700 DDR Ram... It's only $33.00 more than 2100 ddr ram anyway's.

    I don't think I'm going to pull off a Black system though as my supplier doesn't carry all the black components :-<

    I may have to settle with the cream crap... LOL

    Hopefully will be getting my quote soon also!

  10. Where are you guys pricing/buying these components at? I would like to know as I am planning for a similar configuration. Thanks!
  11. We were using It's a great overall site. It gets very good reviews all the time. Also if you're Canadian, then try out,, or

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  12. My comments are:
    if you are buying intel: use rambus so you can really get all the performence out of your proccessor
    otherwise: go amd and save yourself some cash

    thats just my 2 cents about it though....if you are set on intel that is your call

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  13. Here is the latest I've been considering now...

    * Pent IV – 2.2 Gig 533 (Northwood Core)
    * P4S533 Motherboard (533 FSB)
    * 512 Meg DDR Ram (PC2700)
    * 80 Gig Maxtor – 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    * MSI Geforce4 TI4400 Video Card
    * D-Link Network Card
    * 16X DVD-Rom
    * 32x12x48 CD Burner
    * Sound Blaster Live X-gamer Sound Card /or Hercules Game Theater XP (Hopefully Gametheater XP)
    * Logitech Optical cordless Keyboard and Mouse
    * 19” Monitor – (Samsung 955DF)
    * Creative Inspire 5700 - 5.1 Sound System /or Logitech Z-560

    It's changed slightly but for the better I think...

    I am also considering the IT7 motherboard from Abit, or go with the ASUS P4B-533E motherboard with Pc2100 memory but it has USB 2.0 support... I really would like to stay with ASUS as I put that in all my work computers and past home computers and they are a very stable board.

  14. Just my two cent on video and sound. I have the Leadtec 4400 it's a good card. I had trouble doing a dual boot, but I don't think I could blame the card. Maybe blame the Gf4 and WinXP.

    I also have the 510D from Cambridge. There pretty darn loud, but I think I played them to loud because two of the speakers are braking up, and I only had them a month. Not all tones make them brake up, but also the Sub brakes up very easy. On a volume of 1-10 The sub will brake up on most songs at about1-2, unless you turn it down quit a bit. Maybe mine are defective, and I plan on getting them fix or replace, but I'm starting to wish I would have got those other speakers that had two 8 in speakers in the sub. I don't know, but at the moment I wouldn't recommend these speakers. Maybe I would have better luck using my floor speakers, or stop trying to compete with my home stereo.

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  15. Quote:

    if you are buying intel: use rambus so you can really get all the performence out of your proccessor

    As an extremely happy owner of a P4 DDR, I can say with complete certainty that DDR RAM (especially DDR400) provides 95% of the performance of RDRAM for significantly less.

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  16. Thanks Jiffy and AMD_man...

    I was looking at the 510D Cambridge also and thought I don't need to compete with my Pioneer sound system in the living room either so I think the Inspire or Logitech Z560 will be more than enough...

    I also totally agree with the 2700 DDR Ram vs the RDRAM I don't want to spend more to maybe be regretting it later... I think the PC2700 ram on a 533 fsb board and a 533 processor should fly!!!

  17. Yeah, I thought my Cambridge was my new stereo system. When I get my speakers replaced I'm going to keep some of the controll settings down a little:(

    What I need is something loud enough I won't have to turn them all the way up and blow them up. Hay, I didn't know, they handle it for a little while. hehe NEXT

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  18. i would go with the 80 gig wd special edition over a maxtor 80 gig.

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  19. I was trying to find some good reviews on that... The WD 80 Gig Special Edition is a 8Mb Cache right... how much performance increase would it be over the std 7200 rpm drive for standard operating and Games... no video editing or sound etc?

  20. here is a review of it...
    <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>

    I can tell you from experience that you will notice a difference in load times, etc. I think it would be worth it.

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  21. do whatever you want. arguing in these forums is like the special olympics.

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