Trying to get some logic here, advice for cooling

Ok here's the thing:

My friend and I are debating whether he should go waste over 400$ CDN, for a water cooling setup, JUST for something like a P4.
He's a regular user, and is no hardcore gamer, just uses his comp for internet and anything he deems, but basically nothing to need a 3GHZ CPU for, really...
Now he is looking for a new comp (btw we are both 15 year old, if that matters in choosing such setup!). I suggested like anyone would: If you OC, go for P4, if you stay stock, go for AMD for the best prices on mid range CPUs.
Ok so then he says he would like to try water cooling, and I'm like: Why do you wanna pay so much, if you can OC 800MHZ higher with a retail cooling solution? The guy then had to go offline, but I told him we're not done with this debate. It's his choice, I know, but he sure as hell would look like an a-hole to waste so much in Canadian dollars, JUST to get results that are already amazing thru aircooling. I told him not to bother using WCooling for AthlonXPs, current Tbreds just aren't worth the hassle at the moment.

What can you guys suggest so I can prove him that he shouldn't waste this much when he can use that money for better equipment? I will link him to this topic when I get some good valid arguments/answers, so please no insulting on him, just reasoning!

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  1. i dont have any links or anything...but if you cant reason with the guy...i think you should just let him buy the water cooling kit...he'll probably figure out that him made a bad choice and that he wasted his money...let him learn the hard way...but this is only if he is being stubborn about the water cooling...

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  2. Well, first of all, any Ghz CPU can handle Internet surfing, Office applications, etc. For games, the key factor is graphic card if he want to play at high frame rates.

    Second, what is the difference he expect with water cooling? Another 800Mhz? Hey, that doesn't rule that way. If he want to overclock, an investment in a good HSF can be better, especially if it's his first time. A step by step path is recommended.

    Also bear in mind he needs GOOD components (mobo, RAM, etc.) CPU is just one (right, it's crucial) among others. A well balanced computer will be more powerfull than a highpowered CPU with SDRAM (it's just an example, easy to understand, isn't it?)

    So, if he want to buy a water cooling system, it's just because he wants, NOT because it's worth in HIS case. But everyone is free to do what they want.

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