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Is this essential? I mean will i screw something up if i disable it(end task)?

I'm asking because since a week ago i've been having this issue wherein when my graphics card driver crashes and successfully recovers the icon indicating the crash wont disappear from the taskbar w/c annoys me, checking the task manager i now have 2 instances of taskhost.exe and if i restart my PC it gives me this error:

1 Program still needs to close
(waiting for) Task Host Window

I had to force close it since waiting was useless.

Earlier when this occurred again instead of restarting this time i decided to just end both processes of taskhost.exe and the icon that was stuck in the taskbar promptly disappeared w/c made me happy but at the same time concerned i'm doing this wrong.

So back to my original question, is it ok if i just disable the 2 instances of taskhost.exe whenever this happens?
Should i or can i make a new task of taskhost.exe afterwards?

This is more of a annoyance than anything else since i can pretty much play my games or do other stuff normally afterwards. But as always i'd rather be sure and any knowledge regarding the matter would be welcomed.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I would still like some info on this, or at the least know if it's ok to just end process taskhost.exe.
  2. Sorry for answering on old thread, but I think it would help. I had similar problem, taskhost.exe would take 90-95% CPU. I removed the hard drive, located file in x:/Windows/System32, changed permissions (Properties->Security) and delete it. HDD was returned and Win7 normally booted and everything works well without taskhost.exe taking most of the CPU power.
    Taskhost.exe was infected but none of the antiviruses and malware removers didn't work. This was the only solution.
    If you can't remove hard drive, try some of the "live" operating systems.
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