Trying to use Wireless Keyboard Adapter into Differ. USB port

I am trying to move my keyboard's wireless adapter (reciever) into the back USB Ports, but when I plug it into the back it does not make the alert noise that something is plugged in, and the keyboard does not work... Any way to do this?
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  1. Plug-in the wireless adapter where you want it to be.
    Go to Device Manager.
    Right-click the very first entry (your computer name).
    Left-click "Scan for hardware changes".
  2. If ^^that doesn't bring up any new hardware, expand the universal serial bus controllers, right click on the usb root hubs, and click the power tab. You can see what is attached at each hub. Find the one that has the dongle/unknown device, right click and uninstall it. Then restart the computer.

    If none of the usb root hubs show the device, then uninstall all of the usb root hubs, and restart.
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