What would you buy? (Alienware vs HP)

Title is kinda funny, but this is a serious question.

I configured a M14x with an i7, 1.5gb 555m, 500gb 7200rpm hdd, 1600x900 screen, with bluetooth. It ends up at around $1250-$1300. (shown 6 hour life)

I also configured an HP DV6 with an i7, 6770m, 750gb 7200rpm hdd, 1920x1080 screen, and with their 9cell (acclaimed 9.75 hour life) Ends up around $1050.

A couple things conflict me here, at a glance, the HP specs are a little better. The 6770m pulls ahead by some and a better screen.

But, it's an HP. The build quality is meh, and HP isn't really known for it's support/reliability. (The beats audio sucks)

The m14x, however, has an amazing build quality. I've heard that the speakers are amazing, and I know that dell has decent support at the least.

I'm leaning towards the m14x on the battery side, because of nVidia Optimus, and the HP graphics switching is a miserable failure (you need the discrete card on 100% of the time if you ever want to play an opengl game, which requires a bios update and bios changes every time you turn on the machine)

The m14x is a bit smaller, but heavier too. This is mostly cause it's not made out of plastic. And, it looks good.

So tell me. If you had the money to choose, what would you do? Get the M14X for $1300? Or get the HP for $1000 and save the $300 for something else?
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  1. I just bought the DV7 quad that's what your looking at right? Neither will game well at that high of a resolution, I tried to play wow at lowest and get 40+ FPS. I'd downgrade the HP display like I did and get the 1600x900, get the two battery's for 60 bucks more, 9 cell lasts 2+ hours gaming, thats the bigger one. It lasts 5ish when browsing the web. And buy a 4 year accidental damage warranty. Their support isn't bad they helped me quickly, thats just my opinion. Plus i dont like dell. So im biassed.
  2. I'd go with the hp, imo the alienware costs more just cause of its name not cause of reliability
  3. hmm! go with hp cause of better specs and lower price
  4. I would go with the alienware for sure. Not because of the name, but because of my experiences with HP..last year 1 in 4 needed to be serviced within the first year...thats 25% of their company. Your making an investment and you shouldn't go with a poorly manufactured product unless you have no choice..but if you say you can afford the much more reliable, better support laptop, I'd do it, especially f its primary use is not gaming.
  5. The alienware case is stupid looking and designed for 10 year olds - and you pay a premium for it. My experience with HP for many years has been good, Dell not so much. Only you can decide what is right for you.
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