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Hey guys I have a question about windows 7 rtm..
Now I have rtm because im an IT student. :) but was wondering if i were to install windows 7 rtm on my computers will it run better than the rc version? What is rtm? Is it the same as retail? Would i still have to buy the copy when it comes out? Need help because if i still have to buy the copy wont bother installing it.
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  1. Your an IT student and you don't know the answers to these questions? :o How the hell do you not know what RTM stands for?

    Also you obviously don't know how to use Google as these questions can be answered within 2 minutes just by a simple search.

    Are you sure your an "IT Student"? Shouldn't that be... ART Student? Wait, that's taking the piss out of Art students a little bit, at least they would know how to use google!
  2. ^ :lol: Well played.
    What is rtm?

    Let me Google that for you
  3. well i know its release to manufacturer but then again is it the same as retail? would i still have to buy it? and yes im retail but more hardware then software.
  4. nvm found out what it was from my old man since hes a software engineers. and instead of being dicks you could actually help next time.
  5. ^Our point was a simple Google search would have given you the answer. Sorry if we were a bit annoyed. We'd been having a lot of smiler questions since RTM came out (and even before that).
  6. prefer not to good for answers and go to forums cause i get the most help out of that just this time decided not to.. :(
  7. the rtm is the copy that is released to manufacturers, i didnt see any difference between the latest rc and the rtm, run better could mean alot of things, id get the rtm, because it would be easier to grack, unless ure the buying type
  8. xaira i have a laptop with 4gb of ram which would be a wiser decision getting 64bit or 32bit?
  9. 64bit, wit 32 ull only be able to utilise 3.5 gb
  10. I want the RTM But I don't have access to my ELMS account anymore : ( Espada : do they have 32 and 64 on ELMS?
  11. Ummm all i know for me and 2 other friends we got 32bit and 64bit windows 7 rtm professional from msdn academic alliance..
  12. What's wrong with you man??? Don't you know that forums aren't to be used for questions or helping. Hopefully we can stop all these damned questions and have a forum that is completely silent and empty one day.
  13. most people with exorbitant ammounts of ram in their home pcs are just the people who dont really like to close apps, and those who run virtual machines.

    that link isnt even heavy multitaasking, ive seen machines pushed much furtherr than that.
  14. an empty forum wouldnt be any fun
  15. and none wants to go thru this, this is the furthest ive ever went with y old single core, 2 gigs

    the background
  16. ^^^^ :whistle: :lol: :whistle: :pfff: :sleep:

    Espada said:
    xaira i have a laptop with 4gb of ram which would be a wiser decision getting 64bit or 32bit?

    Go with the 64 bit over 32 bit.
  17. I think the point I was trying to make was that he is an IT student asking some of the most basic IT questions out there. Not to mention that these forums are literally covered with hundreds of posts asking the exact same questions over and over again.

    I am in NO WAY against helping people but I am not going to help lazy ignorant people who aren't prepared to put a little work in for themselves and just rape everyone else here on these forums of their knowledge.

    Everything you want to know is on Google, you just got to spent 10 minutes looking for it. Which would've been quicker than posting here.... waiting for reply.... posting your reply.....waiting for another reply. This has been going on for days.

    If I Google "RTM Definition" and click on the 3rd result down it tells me! Took me 16 seconds!!!

    And don't get me started on the whole 32 vs 64bit argument... argh!!!!!
  18. Best answer

    RTM is the same as the final version. If you have Windows 7 RTM, legally through MSDN Plus / TechNet Plus subscription directly from Microsoft then you will not need to purchase it when it is released.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
  19. the person said it student not employee, so i wouldnt expect them to know that much, the first time i tried upgrading a computer, i knew less than the basics, i bought a socket a proessor for a socket 7 motherboard, i was 13. at least this person had enough sense to ask for help.
  20. Lol I usually learn "by doing" built laptops and desktops and also fixed them. By doing just looking at it and saying "its just like legos".. But software/os for me is a whole different thing.
  21. Learning by doing is the best way to learn. Software/os just take a little more research and time but same concept.

    There is no real point in serious debating 64 vs 32bit. I run both, and I have to say it just comes down to users needs and wants out of there system, plain and simple. I don't try to find a use for my 64 bit versions of Windows 64 bit, I use them everyday, and they just work very well for me.
  22. what kind of grades did you get to become an IT student? ;D
  23. i got an A.
  24. what does IT stand for? Is it like the clown? Because that would be a mean teacher. The lives we lead...
  25. @jomofro google = win
    Institute of Technology
  26. @espada

    just thought id add to your pool of knowledge, if ur ever working on a laptop, remove the battery, i was working on 1 and i removed the plug to change the fan, but i left the battery in, i had actually fixed the laptop and while i was putting it back together i short-circuited something and messed up te laptop, it wouldnt even post, i fried the board, so from now on, remove the battery
  27. Yes i know.. Ive been working with laptops and desktops hardware fixing taking them apart, cleaning upgrading etc... for over a year! always wear anti static wrist strap! but thanks for the tip.
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