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CompTIA A+ 700 vs 800: which version to take?

December 29, 2012 9:30:36 PM

I am planning on taking my A+ certification exam shortly. I have nearly a decade of personal experience and six months of professional experience. I've been studying for about two months now (in the evenings after work; my current job is not tech-related), using study materials for 701/702.

Now that the 701/702 exam will be retired later this year, I'm wondering which exam version I should sit for. Does the certificate show which version (700 vs 800) of the test I took? I'm concerned that if the certificate does show the version, that potential employers will see that as a disqualifying factor (i.e, "Why didn't she take the most recent version of the exam?").

So basically: which version should I take? The one I've been studying for or the most current one? Or does it even matter which version I take so long as I pass?

Thank you.