Which is better for gaming?

I was wondering what would be better for daily use and for some light gaming such as league etc. My specs are pretty bad but they are:

Pentium 4 520 2.80ghz
4gb pc2-6400 400ghz ram
Xfx Hd Radeon 4350 1gb Gpu

I wanted to know which is would run smoother and also faster for gaming. Thanks :)
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  1. you named a cpu, ram and gpu, is there something you would like to compare it to?

    thats a pretty weak system, so anything new would be a large upgrade.
  2. So what are you trying to say? Which is what? Do you want to upgrade or have a budget pc?
  3. I would just like to know if I would have bettter performance with windows 7 or xp.
  4. XP
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    XP as it is lighter on ram usage, less graphics feature to tax CPU/GPU (no AERO)
  6. Well thank you guys, helped me out :)
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  8. Still running XP on my older p4 rig :) 1gb of ram :P
  9. And also, what could I upgrade my CPU to for a Dell optiplex vs280
  10. There are no CPU's that are really that much faster than yours

    I think the Dell is using the 915 chipset so the only CPU's that would be an upgrade would be faster Pentium 4's
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