Tbred overclocking update

VR-Zone.com created a <A HREF="http://www.vr-zone.com/guides/AMD/TBred/" target="_new">Tbred overclocking database.</A>

Note all but 1 has SSE dropped off on first page. These machines are not stable, this is max boot speed to get a screen shot in windows.

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  1. Interesting how the only SSE enabled CPU is the one from the US.

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  2. No, SSE drops off at when overclocked. L2 drop off is also a problem on early models if you looks deeper.

    Some say voltage causes it, some say sub zero temps cause it. Oppainers listing states -8c with massive 220w pelt and chiller.

    Oppainter the "US" one has a AIRGA 0224 like other ones above him.

    If you check the Tbird database you will see more SSE and L2 dropping out.

    You are limited to what your mind can perceive.
  3. i see your still following your standards.

    it makes me wonder if there is any thing you don't like about intel? if there is what?

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  4. Saw a few at around 2ghz w/ air cooling, that's not so bad. And w/ all that extreme cooling they got it 900mhz overclock....Im surprised to be honest.

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