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i have a question. i'm using outlook express and i want to export my address book. it seems to work ok but i can't figure out where it backs the file to. i've done several search's but i can't seam to find it. i also tried the help feature but this only tells you how to do it, not where the it located. anyone know where it puts the file?

i'm using outlook express 6 w/windows xp sp1.

thanks in advance
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  1. like, when you export it, it asks you where you want to put it. Just specify a folder and a name, then thats where it is (.wab extension)

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  2. it does not give me that option. you simply click on 'export' and it does it. you can choose but only using a csv format. i would prefer the ms exchange format.
  3. then it aint OE 6.

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  4. that's what it says 'outlook express 6.00.2800.1106'. ah well. i guess i'll just download the latest version from microsoft & maybe that will fix it.

    thanks anyway.
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