AMD 761 Chipset: Worth upgrading T-bird to XP?

I currently have an Athlon T-bird at 1200 GHz w/ 256 megs of Crucial PC2100 on an AMD 761 chipset. Would it be worth upgrading to an AXP. Also, I never unlocked my T-bird but I was able to change the multiplier w/ the dip-switches on the mobo. Maybe it came factory unlocked, but I doubt that cause it was a retail box(I never really checked the L1 bridges when I installed it a year and a half ago). Think the the dip-switches could change the multiplier on a locked AXP? I dunno, maybe my T-bird was just factory unlocked, I'll have to check and see. But a 1600+ is like $70 bucks and running that at 2000+ seems like a powerful upgrade from a 1200MHz T-bird that I generally run at 1370MHz. Plus they have the full SSE instructions.
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  1. I guess it depends on what you do.
    I think for most ppl this setup is strong enguth atleast till years end. then you'll be able to get a new platform which is best sutied for the future with stuff like AGP*8, USB2, x86-64 bluetooth etc...
    again it depends on what you need out of your system...

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  2. I have a 761 based board. I went from a T-bird 1.0 to an AXP 1900+ and I saw a vast imporvement in speed. I am running the exact same ram as you at cas 2.0. In the next few months I am upgrading to a kt333 with pc2700 ram because those chipsets are just so much faster.
  3. I've heard that the Crucial PC2100 ram can easily run at PC2700 speeds w/ the most aggressive timings. But then again, you can probably get PC2700 ram to DDR400. The EPoX 8K3A+ is an excellent KT333 board, but it will be replaced by the 8K5A2+ which will run the same chipset but with LAN and USB 2.0.
  4. It also depends on what are you doing with your computer. For internet browsing, play games, Office, etc it will be ok. But if you are doing demanding tasks, like compressing videos or 3D moddeling, then it's worth.

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