Replaced hard drive in laptop can't install win 7

hello, my wife had got an hp laptop 2 year's ago and the harddrive went bad, i've alway's had desktop pc's but i was able to replace the hard drive and now it will not let me install my window's 7 on the new hard drive ? i've tried to order a recovery disk from hp but those nice people from india can't seem to grasp what i'm asking to buy from them so i will be able to install win 7 and the page for hp driver's and suppport does not exist anymore. please help going mad lol :bounce:
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  1. You need the HP Recovery Disc.

    I have no idea why you are having difficulties. Here's the official link:
  2. Hi

    You will not be able to install win 7 from discs or download with the code from your laptop, as your code matches the recovery discs/partition. You can order a digital copy from Microsoft (they will email you a Serial Key). You should still be able to install without a key though, as they have a 30 trial period before you have to put in the code.

    What is the model of your laptop? Should be on bottom...

    Are you able to install another OS (something like ubuntu... just to see if the drive is even working), or if its SATA hook into your computer and format the new drive (maybe bad format??)...

    Just some things to try...
  3. thank you for your help on this
  4. IGNORE the comments about other Operating Systems etc. Follow the HP link I gave you. The disk they give you should install and register with the serial already located on your laptop.

    I'm guessing it will cost about $10 or less.

    This is from the link I just gave:

    "HP allows you to purchase one copy of a replacement recovery disc at minimal cost. To place an order, you will need the product number, the serial number, the type of processor, the name of the Windows OS that came installed on the PC, and your credit card information. HP can only provide a recovery disc for the OS that was originally installed on the computer."
  5. thank you so much photonboy, recovery disk will be here in 5to7 days : )
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