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My husband has macular degeneration and I want to know if any companies make laptops that address this problem. If so, who they are, where they are and how I can access info on them. I want to purchase a laptop he can use as his vision fades. We live in Los Angeles County.
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  1. Hello linda d hart;

    As far as I can tell these suggestions for Computer Low Vision Aids are useable for just about any laptop. In other words, accessories and software instead of a custom laptop built in a specific way to be accessible.

    What we can't tell is if they are, in fact, appropriate for your needs.

    I'm thinking you'll have more success with your search if you visit some of the macular degeneration forums and ask there about what people are actually using with good results. If you are able to determine what works best we can probably help you match that system.
  2. As WR2 stated, with a couple of additional ideas.

    (1) a laptop with the SB I3 (the biggest screen i think is a 17 in, Tosihiba did make a 18" but it was rather expensive) and has HDMI out. For internet, email, and uSoft word you can enlarge the size upto 400%.. You can also enlarge the icon.

    (2) With the HDMI out you could hook the laptop upto a 27-> 32 inch TV which would make everything bigger and if need then enlarge as I indicated in (1). A 2nd option is the Samsung 27" P2770HD. This is a monitor/HDTV. Only draw back is that it only has one HDMI input (also has 1 Ant input, one Dvi and one PC input). I have one with a Stand-alone DVD recorder w/cable input, Two computers, and an external Antenna connected to it).

    ?? budget ??
    For $600: I3-2410M with HD3000 ICP and a Blu-ray/DVD drive, and HDMI output.

    If connecting to a tv then 1 15.6" laptop will be a little cheaper (make sure it has the I3-2410M CPU)
    The acer (not my choice @ $450 and an HP @ $480) neither of these 2 has the Blu-ray DVD drive which normally adds about $100 to cost.

    A TV, unless you have one will add about $300 to $450 depending on if it is 720 P or 1080P. Really only need the 1080 to watch High def TV (normally 1080i or p) and blu-ray. With decreased vision would recommend the cheaper 720.

    PS I mother has this problem but at the point that even a 32 IN tv display does not help.
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