How to remove cd/dvd drive from laptop?

Hello, I'm having problems with the cd/dvd drive on my laptop. It just disappeared from My Computer. I have read a lot of suggestions that say that removing the drive and putting it back in will solve the issue. I tried that and removed the screws at the bottom of the laptop but couldn't remove the drive; it didn't slide out by itself either. I have a Toshiba Satellite C655 and can't find any other way to remove the cd drive. Is it that this is a non-removable drive?
I'd appreciate some advice.
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  1. I'm in the same boat on a HP laptop. I've ran various tests and determined that the controller for it is dead. In your case, open REGEDIT and locate the upper & Lower filters and delete them, then restart.
  2. The cd/dvd drines are always removable , are you sure you got all the screws ? There are usually 3 screws for the drive two on the side bottom of the laptop and one ont the bottom towards the middle and the inner end of the drive.
  3. Removing the DVD drive is probably removing just one screw.
    I replaced the DVD drive in my A205 and my A305 Toshibia laptops. Installed a Blu-ray rom/DVD-RW drive in both of them. In the A305 the one screw was inside the Ram compartment. The A205 was on the bottom about 4 in back from the side and center of the DVD drive.

    Anyways for Your Model:
    Step 5 indicates just one screw needs be removed for your Toshiba also.
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