What do you think of MY new system?

Saw another thread asking how their new system is. Mine is as follows:
Athlon 2200+
Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (questioning if this was the best choice now)
Kingmax 512mb pc3200
Li lian pc70 (questionning this choice also, is it really worth the price?)
Geforce 3
Western Digital 120 gig 7200 rpm 8 meg cache or whatever, the 1200jd I think it is
and other ish like klipsch promedia 5.1, live mp3, 72x kenwood, etc.

Comments? I'd like to see if you guys think this is a good choice. Wondering if the mb was the best choice, along with the case, anyone own a li lian that can comment? And the last thing, is there anyway to get ddr to the 400 I bought w/o ocing? I'm not sure how the new bios's are setup, I thought you could increase the ram speed w/o increasing the fsb. Can this be done? If not I guess I'll have to save for a water cool kit and put a cooler on the mb chipset. I'm not interested in ocing at all right now, just want ram running at advertised speed, the price between the 2 wasn't big enough for me to buy the pc2700, plus, anything is faster than my 500 p3.
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  1. Personally I would have got a Antec 1040 case which has a Antec 400W ps in it. But that is just my preferance. As for you memory, I don't think you can up just the memory but you can always save it for the new MB that come in the new wave. And did you already have the GF3? I ask because you would ahve been better off with a GF4 4200. And since im a penny pincher I would have got the 2100+ myslef and saved the $50 or whatever it is right now.

    Other than that I think you have a great system. I think you will enjoy it.

    Crap, all the good ones are already taken.
  2. Gigabyte makes good mobo, but if u want 2 overclock, then get Epox, when it comes to overclocking, epox boards are insane, you might want 2 replace the north bridge heatsink thou, it dosn't cool the chipset enough.

    lian Li sounds pretty sweet, never owned one thou, but if u ask most plp, they'll say thoese cases are high quality and are awesome to mod.

    i dont' think you can overclock the ram without changing the fsb, there are however some other tweaks that can make your memory run a bit faster, ie, set cas to 2, enable 1T commnad.. enable bank interleave.. etc.
  3. I think it sucks...

    send it to meeeee!!!!

    I send you my pentium 200 mmx
  4. hey but the klipsch promedia 5.1 are good home theater speakers, no?

    <i> :smile: I like THG Interactive, Inc.</i>
  5. Well, as for the graphics card, yes I already had a geforce 3, the reason I didnt go with epox is that I read they were unstable, and it was on this site. Anyway, the klipsch are a good system, although its not like they are going to beat your 1000 ht setup, they will beat ht in a box systems though.
  6. Quote:

    Personally I would have got a Antec 1040 case which has a Antec 400W ps in it. But that is just my preferance.

    Better yet, get the Antec Plus1080 with a 430W Antec TruePower PSU and 3 low-noise case fans. I have one, it's great.

    :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  7. your system sucks!
    its beige, too flashy, and how the hell are you supposed to play digger or tetris on something that fast!!!


    its ok i guess. let us know how the gigasuck motherboard goes. and the WD 1200JB is a nice drive isnt it? :smile:

    So I fixed my BIG PC problem by pressing the reset button. I'm not a moron am i? :lol:
  8. Well, I do have that psu amdman, and I think the li lian comes with 4 fans, anyway, I wanted a little classier case this time around, stand out from the extremely old beige color, but as far as being practical, that it is not.
    How can you call it gigasuck, am I the only one who read toms article that said the gigabyte was the best? Sharkey Extreme said that also, their must be a conspiracy, epox should have been the best.... Plus, why have the ability to do insane ocing, when it is insane to do so, even if I do get water cooling, I'm not going to push it, too much money at stake, rather just buy new better parts to get that speed, anyway, I go to college in 2-3 years, a 2200 should last me that long..., I hope. The p3 500 barely lasted me that long, I got it 3 years ago, but it has yet to fail me, although the ram has, and I've been using bad ram for about a year now...
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