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Repair acer laptop

Last response: in Laptops & Notebooks
September 20, 2011 3:04:03 PM

hello i have an acer 5920 g i am technician my self but i want to learn how to fix a mobo not to replace and pay 400$
at first my laptop opens once in ten times !
it seems it gets power as the fan do the check and some voice from the hdd is comming !
tried a lot of things to see what the fault is
changed the wifi adapter
checked the rams
checked the hdd
checked monitor
none of them is working
so i came to conclusion is mobo fault some chip on it or somethng
so i want to learn how to fix a mobo and see what i can do to save it
thank u for that !

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a b D Laptop
September 20, 2011 4:04:18 PM

Starter. Note I had a problem with the link included, But by clicking on the left side (ie block diagram I was able to view)
Service manual:
pdf view:

Myself; I was certified to perform high reliability soldering and repairs for space flight hardware. I have my own DVD and a dualtrace Digital O'scope. Other than finding and replacing a visually defective component such as a bad cap or resistor that has not caused other components to fail you will have a hard time. But as the old saying goes, might as well try since the alternative is pitching it in the trash bin.

Just some comments:
(1) most motherboards are multilayer which makes desodering and resodering tricky in some cases.
(2) Unless your really good at soldering replacing a large IC that is a flat-pac can be challaging to say the least. need a low wattage soldering station with solder sucker normally.
(3) signal tracing unless the manual shows signals and you can power up to trace signals is well - Very Hard.
(4) Non soldered in compoonents suck as possibly the CPU are EASY. But can be expensive to swap and hope.
September 20, 2011 5:15:08 PM

what did you mean by " laptop opens once in ten times ! " did you mean loads the OS once every 10 times?
what software did u use to check the rams, and hdd???
does the BIOS always loads?? if it does, try using another hard drive instead.
if i understood correctly your Os loads once every ten times, so its a hdd problem or memory problem.(or even your os is faulty did you reinstall it)
try to use the maxtor powermax software to check the drive. and goldmemory to check the ram if u can in another laptop(without problems) would be better.
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