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I have a question, I am a college student, A computer science major to be exact. I am looking to replace my current laptop. I play a lot of world of warcraft, do a lot of coding, watches videos, and listen to music on my current laptop. I am looking to replace it with something that can handle all of this and also be able to run world of warcraft comfortably and hopefully on ultra settings. I would prefer it be small, 14 inches for the most. I was looking at the 2010 macbook pro, the one that has the nvidia GPU in it. Any suggestions?

Thank you
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  1. mac book pro will easy be outperformed by a alien-ware m14x with a real gpu, 14 inch laptops are not that powerfull i had a macbook pro 14 with the i5 and all that b/s and it will not even come close to running wow on high
  2. wow so I guess I will have to go with a 15 inch. Any that you recommend that do not weigh a ton? I am always on the go so I need something that is not too heavy but still powerful.
  3. Sager, cleveo, alienware.
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