XP dial-up problems

Not so much a problem, but it is very annoying.

When I open up IE6 in winXP I can dial up using my ISDN card with no porblems. However when the line gets droped (I have a 2 hour cut-off thanks to my ISP), it will redial, then it will try to verify username/password, and a error message will some up saying it can't verify the username and password??
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  1. Ya,It might be a Bug of WinXP,even with SP1 installed;
    If that case happens,you have to rewrite the name and
    the password agian to verify instead of just click redial.
    But I've found it doesn't happen in all the case,even on
    the same machine but different installation of winxp,or
    even the same winxp but different dial setup.

    Homeland Entertainment Network.
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