Athlon XP fsb speed

Just a theoretical question: can the Athlon XP handle a FSB speed of 166Mhz? ´Cause you can only use ddr333 to its full potential if used with 166Mhz FSB, right?

I know that the AGP and PCI devices would complain, but not if I had a divider of 5:2:1...

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  1. Yes if you lower the multiplier or get a 1600+ and a good heatsink ,the athlon can always handle the 166 fsb.

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  2. Course it can, but one really needs an unlocked CPU first (or one that can handle a 20% oc well)
    as well as a overclocking friendly motherboard.
    some brands wernt really designed for overclocking.

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  3. Ok thanx guys, that´s all I wanted to know. Thanks!

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