Will this windows work for installing a new motherboard

Like stated question this is a download and backup disc for windows 8. I am going to be installing a new motherboard into my computer and I've never done so before so if I put in the backup disk would it start loading windows for install off the backup disc or would I need another new retail copy of windows.


the link to the windows
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  1. Download & Backup:
    You download an image of the Windows 8 installation disk which you can then burn to a blank DVD and use to install Windows 8. This is the download part of the name.

    They will also post out a DVD with the files already loaded on. It's exactly the same files as the ones you download. This is the backup part.

    Sort of misleading. No backup of your files, drivers, software etc is involved at any point.
  2. No.

    You linked me to an "UPGRADE" copy of Windows, not a full copy. An upgrade copy requires XP, Vista or Windows 7 to be already installed. While it MAY also work without a previous installation if you have the appropriate XP/Vista/7 Install disc that is unused or registered to that motherboard, by your description it appears you simply have a new motherboard and an Upgrade copy of W8.

    Upgrade copies of Windows require a previous version of Windows to upgrade from.
  3. I forgot to mention that I do have a copy of windows xp
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