Installing Win95 having some problems

Recently an old Dell laptop was given to me by a coworker.

It is a Dell Latitude LM 166mhz, 2.1gig, 40 megs of ram.

It was formated to make sure none of her confidentional files where given to me. Here is my dillema.

The computers bios only lets me boot to either Hardrive or to Floppy. If I boot to hardrive nothing will happen because there is no windows. If I boot to floppy it will try to load boot info. It will TRY to install CD drivers BUT this computer has switchable floppy/cd devices. So only one at a time can be in the computer.

The floppy will try to load the drivers for the cd drive but it will fail because no cd drive detected.

My question is, is their anyway to save the boot info onto C: and run it there once the command promt is reached.

Is there anything else I can do other than installing windows 95 on floppies which, I dont have and dont want to spend 70-80 dollars on.
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  1. Just DL a copy of the Ultimate Boot Disk for W9x/Me from: . It will help you get started with your Win install.

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  2. There ARE things you can do...

    One thing you can do is copy all your boot floppy stuff to your hard drive. Then put the CD-ROM back in, boot off the hard drive, and load the hard drive from the CD-ROM.

    The command for copying system files is /s. So here is what I would do:
    Fdisk to repartion your drive. Make certain you make that partition active when asked.
    Reboot when prompted, and at the A:\ prompt type "format c: /s" without quotations of course. Then copy the rest of your files from the floppy to the hard drive. Then change directory to c: "cd c:" without quotations, and at the c: prompt type "edit autoexec.bat" without quotations. Then edit any lines in c:\autoexec.bat that refer to the a: drive to the c: drive (example, change the command "a:\mscdex.exe" to "c:\mscdex.exe").

    When you reboot off your hard drive it should go through the same routine your floppy did, only much faster. You'll be able to access your CD drive from your hard drive now and run settup.

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  3. Alright but the AUtoexec.bat from boot disk.

    @echo off
    Mscdex.exe /D:banana /L:r

    My friend let me borrow it says he downloaded it somewhere but it worked for his computer.

    Although when I do change it and put Autoexec.bat on C: and edit it. Make
    @echo off
    C:\Mscdex.exe /D:banana /L:r

    It boots computer off harddrive but then tells me Device Driver not found 'Banana'. No valid cdrom device drivers selected.


    If I try to go to D: its a ram drive or whatever with nothing on it.
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  4. That sounds fine. Any boot disk that actualy works (check to see on some computer that has a both drives) should be fine as long as you change any references to the A: drive to the C: drive in Autoexec.bat If you don't see any references to the A: drive then you don't have to change anything. Just format c: /s then copy the remaining file "copy mscdex.exe c:" etc from the a: drive and the c: drive should be bootable and have the CD-ROM drivers.

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  5. I edited post because it doesnt load any cd drivers. So does that mean I have a bad boot disk or something. I posted up top what happened when I did that.
  6. I don't remember the exact command, but you need more than mscdex, you need a CD-ROM driver too. I seem to remember the line in Autoexec containg the cd-rom driver, the drive letter, and the drive loader (mscdex.exe), but not in that order. Something like "a:\mscdex btccdrom.sys d:" or something.

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  7. You'll also need to amend the config.sys on the hard drive. On the boot floppy, there should be a line something like this (taken from my trusty bootable floppy):

    <b>DEVICE=TRICD.SYS /D:MSCD0001</b>

    Now, somewhere on that floppy disk is the .sys file that the line refers to. Find that and copy it onto the hard drive. This should go hand in hand with what Crash has already said.
  8. If your laptop supports "Boot from ATAPI CD-ROM" then you can burn a bootable cd with the image of your boot floppy, which, upon entering the win95 setup you could switch cds.

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