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Okay, I know this isn't a "real" folder yet the latest worm apparently places the following to this non-existing folder:
c:\documents and settings\administrator\biiesu.exe
So how does one scan this non-existing folder for said file if we can't access it (because it doesn't exist, don't 'cha know)?
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  1. non-existing? or it is hidden?
    how did you find c:\documents and settings\administrator\biiesu.exe ?
  2. I know the folder can't be accessed so how do you know this "worm" is there?
  3. We don't know that anything is there - I'm just curious why this site says to look there for a specific file if it's not a folder that even a hacker couldn't figure out how to place a file to infect the system.

    So it's been 10 days since I posted this last message and there's been no more responses. I'm still curious why MS would put out such a warning about a bug, give the name of a file and it's location, if the location doesn't exist on any machine with Vista or later.
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