Info on the NEW AMD chip?

I was wondering if anyone could give me a breif run down of the new opteron/hammer (if thats how you spell it) that AMD is releasing end of this year. Just details like, voltage, pin size, compadability with current boards, starting speed etc. Just curious, as i will be upgrading end of this year, and want to get some pre-made backround now.


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  1. Quote:
    Just details like, voltage, pin size, compadability with current boards, starting speed etc.

    Clawhammer, which will be sold in a single CPU format will be suposedly sold under the Athlon name (What it will be hasn't been anounced yet). It runs on a new socket (630 I believe, but I might be wrong). It will have at least 512KB of L2 cache, perhaps up to 1 MB. It will not be compatable with current boards due to the Pin count as well as a conflict due to the onboard memory controller on the Hammer.

    When it is released, it's supposed to be around 2 Ghz, and have a PR Rating of 3400+, but that's tenitive. Voltages are just rumors and still subject to change. It should run on a 166 FSB (DDR333) with single channel. It will also have X86-64 extension support.

    The Operon has two versions apparently. A Clawhammer opteron (DP?) will have all of the above but be able to run in a dual CPU system. The sledge hammer Opteron (MP?) should run in dual and beyond CPU setups. It will have a different pin configuration than the Clawhammer.

    Most of that is fact and been stated by AMD. However, it is also still subject to change.

    Personaly, unless hammer is a world beater, I'd stick with the current Athlon line and grab a Barton core chip shortly after hammer is released, as it should drop in price as it becomes the new low end chip from AMD. CPU wise, an AXP 2000+ should be good for 95% of user apps for the next 3-5 years.

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  2. Actually, the pin count is over 700 for the Clawhammer, and over 900 for the Sledgehammer... desktop and workstation, respectively. Most places I have looked recently seem to show the desktop coming in with 256KB of L2 cache, near 2GHz speed, and a PR of around 4000. FSB is apparently a thing of the past, as AMD indicates that since the memory controller is on-die, it will run at the speed of the CPU. That's speculative, since AMD hasn't said anything beyond the FSB nothing being relevent anymore. It will support PC1600, PC2100, and PC2700 at release, and core revisions will most likely introduce DDRII support (possibly for the .09µ shrink?).

    As to the Barton, leaked roadmaps show that it will have a 600 PR increase over a Palomino clocked at the same speed. Also, there are indications that the Barton will include Hammer enhancements, making it, possibly, a Hammer without the on-die memory controller, which AMD claimes boosts performance 20% (the other 5% coming from the core enhancements.)

  3. Actually, the 2.0 GHz Clawhammer will be PR 3400+. AMD plans to later release a 2.2 GHz version which will be the 4000+ model I think.

    Also, rumors are that the initial release of Clawhammer will be at 1.6 GHz, not 2.0, which will give it an initial PR of 2800+.
  4. Hrm, well the most recent <A HREF="" target="_new">leak</A> I've seen shows the CH debuting at 2GHz/3400+ in Q4, while there will be a Barton at 1.67GHz/2600+ around the same time. It is quite possible that the Hammer will make an earlier appearence than scheduled, at a slower speed, just so that AMD has some type of momentum to carry them into the new year.

  5. It was understood. I think of that I looked at the announcement for the fragment of my AMD. I and someone who how is exactly made how purchase that kind of item, you cannot make?
  6. ^ WHOOP-WHOOP-WHOOP! Necro thread alert!!

    Fungkskja - you are replying in an 8 year old thread. Look at the last post date before replying next time, as I'm sure nobody now cares about Clawhammer :P.
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