My Acer eMachines Laptop is Discharging quickly ?

My Laptop is 2 years old. It is an acer eMachines Model. It was fine before 2 months. But when I played Counter Strike continuously for 6 hours per day (plugging on the battery), I marked that my Battery is discharging quickly & now I can get only 15-20 minutes after the full charge when plugged off.

Then I have to plug in again until It come to 100%. I always plug off the battery from current after it gets 100% to drain out the all charges. Again after 15-16 minutes I have to charge it.

Any advise ? Can I use it by charging all the time or have to change it ?
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  1. Two things stand out to me....

    1) 2 years old
    2) eMachines

    Probably time for a new battery.

  2. I am having Wear level 88%
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