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Hey guys,

I am having an issue lately (roughly 4-5 months now) where after I come back from sleep mode, my pc just gives me a BSOD and restarts. I tried reading a little bit here and there but came up empty. Also, form time to time, my windows will hang for 2-3 minutes before starting again. It seems to happen randomly. Any ideas?

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  1. What os are you running?

    You will want to make sure that your video card driver and chipset driver are up to date as well.

    If you have a manufactured PC from like Dell or HP for example look online to see if they have diagnostics you can run. I know Dell does.

    If its a custom build look into doing a memory test first, try I believe Memtest86.

    You will also want to make sure that your hibernate setting is disabled as sometimes people do not realize it is in hibernate, not sleep and there are issues with hibernate some times.

    Build of PC would be great so we know what is in there. :lol:
  2. Hi, thanks for the info. I'll do a mem test and let you know.
    It's a custom built PC, I run windows 7 64 bit.
    I have an AMD FX-8120, a ASRock 970 Extreme 4 MOBO, 8GB G. SKill DDR3 ram, an HIS HD7870 VGA card, a sound blaster Z sound car.
    I also run 3 Hard drives and one SSD for the OS.
  3. So I did a errors reported. I'm beginning to think it could be a mobo problem...any ideas?
  4. ok guys, I ran the event viewer after the frequent windows freezes and there isn't anything substantial. All I can get is:
    - 2 Audit Success at that same time
    - The Windows Error Reporting Service service entered the running state.
    - The Application Experience service entered the running state.

    that is all.
  5. What output is your PSU? Brand and Model.

    When awakening from sleep, the Pc requires all the power it can muster to power up all the devices, it might be that your PSU is underpowered and is struggling to provide te adeqaute power.

    Also, how many apps and programs are opened prior to Sleep mode?
  6. I have an Antec CP850 PSU. It should be more than enough I think? I have no programs running usually when i go to sleep mode. But now, my more frequent problem is windows just freezing for 1-2 min before unfreezing again. I noticed that I can predict when its going to freeze just when I lose internet connection. So i'm loading a site on chrome...suddenly, the internet is freezes...and 2 min later everything kind of kicks back in...I don't get it.
  7. The PSU seems adequate but you should list all your specs as we really don't know for sure because you might have 4 x2tb hdd, 3 x video cards, 32gb of ram, soun card, and whatever else you can ram into a PC case. Also, don't have any external drives attached prior to boot up or shut down.

    It could be that your free space on your OS partiton HDD) is less than 25% free space.

    If this problem has occured on a number of occasions, it could be a faulty hard drive.

    Another thing, what were you doing in the time between when you powered up the PC and the shut down happened, I mean on the PC not elsewhere :)
  8. good points :)
    ok, I have 2x 500GB hard drives (which are going to be replaced by a 2TB external soon), a 1TB Hard drives and a 128GB OCZ SSD (70 GB free space). I have 8 GB Ram (2x4GB), one video card (HIS 7970, requires 2 extra power cables), one sound blaster Z card and a BR burner. I don't have my external hds hooked on except when I need the data. I usually just browse the web or play games on the pc...mostly all.

    I am going to replace those 2 500GB hard drives soon to take them out of the pc case one of them is doing this. I'll update then. Also, I reinstalled windows 7 the other day to make sure i have a clean install, I did not get a BSOD yet but windows 7 still freezes randomly.
  9. I'm not sure that I really know anything else. hmmm

    The pause could be a driver issue, either you have a driver that is not compaible with a device like the Sound Blaster Z, or an update driver was a Beta version, or the wrong version for your hardware llike for the Video card.

    You might have to post the list of updates for your sound card and video card so we can check them against the manufacturer site.

    What OS, Windows 7 x64?
    For the other hdd's (not OS ssd), disable the option to index search, this may stop the pause issue. Right click each hdd > Properties > uncheck the tick box near the OK button. The pausing might be caused by the use of the 2 x500gb not being SSD, perhaps.
  10. Hi :)

    We TURN OFF sleep mode in ALL machines we sell.. because of problems like turn it off and see if its then all OK...

    All the best Brett :)
  11. thanks for the help guys, I unchecked indexing to see if it helps. Also, I just came back from sleep mode with a BSOD. This generated a dmp file. I will upload it so maybe one of you guys can take a look and let me know if there is anything we can work with here.


    thank you so mcuh for the help :)
  12. samal90 said:
    thanks for the help guys, I unchecked indexing to see if it helps. Also, I just came back from sleep mode with a BSOD. This generated a dmp file. I will upload it so maybe one of you guys can take a look and let me know if there is anything we can work with here.


    thank you so mcuh for the help :)

    Hi :)

    Turn OFF Sleep mode...then try it....

    All the best Brett :)
  13. sleep mode is already turned off on my computer. It can only be initiated if I do it.
  14. It's better to use a screen saver when the PC is inot in use for a few hours, shut down if not going to use it for more than a few hours.

    Sleep mode is not like a screen saver, a screen saver just moves things across your screen to prevent images burning in to it.

    Sleep mode uses part of the hard drive to store data about what you apps or files have open as well as other stuff that might take as much as 3gb of virtual space on the hdd. When you wake, all that stuff has to get reloaded to the screen. aboost from the PSU is also required that might cause an issue if your PSU is underpowered.
  15. Make sure your bios is set to a sleep state that your processor can actually handle. Disable the automatic restart so you can read the BSOD if you haven't already. Use the device manager to set your network card to "allow this device to wake the computer" to off just because they tend to wake the computer a lot.
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