I don't really know how to build a computer...

...but I'm going to try anyway :)
I have about $1000 to spend on a new comp for myself, and so I was thinking about going with something like this (a lot of the stuff from the Next Gaming System thread):

2.0A P4 :: $197
Abit IT7 :: $152
Samsung 512MB 2700 DDR333 :: $150
WesternDigital 80GB special edition :: $114
Chieftec Server Chasis Model DX-01BD-420W Charcoal Black :: $70
16x Lite-ON Black DVD :: $50
40x Lite-ON Black CDRW :: $80
Sony Black Floppy Drive :: $15
Creative Labs Audigy XGamer :: $84
Creative Labs INSPIRE 5.1 5300 Speakers :: $80
GeForce 3 Ti500 :: $0 (already own one)
Total :: $992 + shipping

That makes a nice black system (I'll probably get a black monitor for Christmas). Okay so my question is... how do I build it? I mean, getting all of the connections together and stuff shouldn't be hard, but what about getting the most out of the system? I think what I've read on these boards is that I could set the FSB to 133 to get a 2.66ghz system? And then set the memory ratio to 3:4 in order to take advantage of the DDR333 memory? Are these things as simple as entering the BIOS and editing them? What else would I need to do? And if I buy the above components, add in my own USB mouse and keyboard, and plug in a monitor, is that _ALL_ I'll need to have a good system? I mean, do I need to buy extra fans or doodads or whatnots? Please mention _everything_ that I need to order from newegg.com in order to have a complete, good system. keep in mind that I have my own USB mouse, keyboard, and a 17" monitor... I also already own the graphics card... so tell me if I'm missing anything... and give me any tips I need to be a sucessful first time builder! THanks guys!

Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention that I hope to use this system to play games, watch DVDs occasionally (the 5.1 system should be nice, right?) and do the other normal stuff that comps do.
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  1. Get the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz or Hercules Game Theatre 6.1 instead of the Audigy. Everything else looks good. I'm pretty sure all the FSB and memory settings are easy enough to change in the BIOS. However, there might be a jumper setting if you need to increase the RAM voltage.

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  2. If you dont know how, then i suggest you get a professional to do it and watch him.

    assembling a computer isnt that difficult, but a finger in the wrong spot and poof, you fry a component due to static electricity or breaking something. learn...then do

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  3. You may want to get another fan or 2. That case comes with 2 fans. I think you'll need 2 outtake and one intake. Sunon fans are good. And remember onnly 80x80mm fans will fit.

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  4. ooo great board btw! just make sure you get a USB keyboard and USB mouse.

    Also get the 2.26ghz (533mhz FSB) chip.

    audigy is crap get the turtle beach santa cruz! The OEM is only like 59 bucks.

    looks good but the cpu and sound card.

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  5. no there are no jumpers on the board it's all in the BIOS.

    also that chip will NOT run at 133mhz FSB stable! I got it at 120 and thats the highest i can go with out it rebooting or crashing.

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  6. I agree, get one of those 2 suggested sound cards. Probably the TBSC because it is a little cheaper.

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