Hi to all! Alienware m17x upgrade?

Hi! one year ago i bought an alienware m17x (in italy cuz i'm italian) with these components : intel it 840 qm 1,86 ghz, 2 ati mobility radeon hd 5870 crossfire and 6 gb of ram.My question is: can i upgrade the processor and the graphic cards? if yes, with which components?i'm not an expert about new models processors and graphic cards, so i aks for some suggestions, i don't want of course components that are a little bit more powerful of my actual ones, if an upgrade is possible i want to have components that are far more powerful of my actual ones.
I found in italy a shop that upgrades notebooks.
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  1. You cannot upgrade the CPU. However, you can upgrade the HD 5870's (you lucky, lucky bastard). Usually I tell people who ask if they can replace the graphics card in their laptop to take a hike. Well, I actually say it in a much more pleasant way.

    Anywaste, my knowledge of high end mobile graphics card is limited. I would guess two Radeon HD 6970Ms would be a logical choice. But i'm not sure what the performance improvement will be.

    Notebookcheck.net has a ranked list of graphic cards and some benchmarks. However, I am having issues today trying to access their site for the list.

  2. But this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! i really can i upgrade the graphic card? i don't believe it!(thanks for the lucky bastard XD) :D :D :D
    In yahoo answers a man told me that i may have problems with the monitor cuz i have a lcd monitor.....is it true?
  3. here is the answer
  4. up to the 2GB GDDR5 AMD Radeon HD 6990M
    HOWEVER your display must be the 120MHz HD wide screen and the addon speed will not match the onboard.

    AES instruction functionality is not active without a CPU upgrade,, if the shop is any good they would know these things
  5. You can upgrade as long as the video cards support the MXM 3 b standard. I'm not sure how you will do it, but finding the parts for a laptop (especially the video card) is quite hard. Especially being in Europe.

    Also one more question, Why would you want to upgrade to newer graphics cards? I'f im not mistaken, your bottleneck will be your CPU.
  6. There should be no issues with the LCD screen.

    Since you found a place in Italy to upgrade the notebook, I assume they can order the parts for you and tell you if those cards are compatible with your notebook. Mobile graphic cards follow the MXM format and ranges from Type I to Type III. Type III cards are largest and therefore would be the format the Mobility Radeon HD 5870s would use.

    The real concern is if it is actually be worth it for you to upgrade right now. XFired HD 5870s is still a very high end solution, therefore upgrading them to something faster my not give you enough of a performance increase to justify the amount of money you will be paying.

    Trust me, you will be paying for that upgrade. Generally speaking a laptop video can cost 2x more than their desktop counterparts; probably more for high end cards. Let's just pretend that two HD 6970M will give you a real performance boost over your HD 5850s, the price of each HD 6970M may be $600. Therefore, the price of the upgrade will be $1,200 just for parts. Don't forget taxes and labor. If you install the cards yourself, then you can save on labor.

    In this pretend situation you have to determine if XFired HD 6970M performance is really worth the amount of money you'll be dishing out. Unless of course you have money falling out of your ass. Man, I wish I had that disease.
  7. Yes jaguarsx, thanks for your suggestions, i will think about it.....and maybe i will choose to change my video card i will go that shop and i will speak with that technician, i think that is the best thing to do! Thank you again!
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