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HELP! Tbred wont boot

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July 11, 2002 3:02:52 PM

Hi, I just recently purchased a Tbred 2200 to complete my new comp, but i'm having trouble booting up for the first time. Mobo lights indicate standby power, and I get flashes from my optical drives and the fans to turn on when i press the power switch, but nothing else happens. No post, no nothing... Is this normal? I was under the impression that when a mobo and cpu were incompatible, you would at least get some kind of message, but its almost as if the damn thing werent even there. I'm running an Abit KR7A-133, and I'm in the process of hunting down a Palomino to try and boot up with that and flash the bios. Is this the likely cause? Any ideas appreciated... thanks

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July 11, 2002 8:47:38 PM

I would double check that all your components are seated securely and your connections are sound. On Abit's site for your motherboard it states:
Support AMD Athlon XP 1500+ ~ 2000+ or future Socket A Processors based on 200/266 MHz (100MHz/133MHz Double Data Rate)
I would think since it says "future Socket A Processors" that your 2200+ should work. Good luck.
July 11, 2002 11:04:31 PM

Well surely if the m/b don't support it ehn it would boot at a lower speed but I can't be sure as it is multiplier locked.

Look in the MB manual for the highest multiplier supported as it should be 266 X ??.

However this post has been edited because I checked the Abit webbie and in the download section, I found this:

KR7A-133 / KR7A-133R

kr7a9n.exe Bios Issue Date: 2002/06/07
1. Support AMD Athlon XP 2200+(133)-Thoroughbred.
2. HPT 372 BIOS Version 2.31. The RAID function is for KR7A- RAID/KR7A-133R only. This BIOS version is also for Non
RAID boards, and the HPT BIOS would automatically be
disabled while RAID controller chip did not be detected.
3. BIOS Compile Date: 6/07/2002

The bios revision is the problem, you need to upgrade it.
You will have to find any lower athlon CPU and boot, upgrade the bios to release 9N. Unlocking your cpu so you can underclock it will work to if you feel confident enough. I have read you can do a pencil like trick on it (yes apparently with some XP CPU's the pencil trick works) but I would not recommend it.

I am sure you could find a 2100+xp, however talk to your supplier they may swap the cpu's so you can upgrade the bios and then swap them back.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

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