Most overclocking friendly KT333 board ?

I'm currently thinking about buying a Athlon XP based system, yes, believe it or not. The reason for this, is that I've bought some expensive watercooling stuff, which I would like to try out on something that really needs cooling. This is where AMD comes into the picture.

I'm not too sure about the consistency of Tbred, so I think I'll buy a really cheap Palomino XP1800+.

Which motherboard out there, will be able to push my CPU and cooling solution the most ?

Any advice from the AMD fanboys ? :wink:

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  1. No AMD fanboys around ?

    Anyway, I found two candidates:

    1.Epox 8K3A+
    2.GigaByte GA-7VRXP

    I think I go for the GA-7VRXP, packed with features and loaded with tweaking features.

    Comments ?

    <i>/Copenhagen - Clockspeed will make the difference... in the end</i> :cool:
  2. If anyone who talks about AMD is labeled a "fanboy", I wonder why anyone would want to talk about them at all.

    Anyway, I wouldn't get the GA-7VRXP. The only ones I would recommend are the Soltek, Asus, Abit, Shuttle, and MSI.

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  3. i have the gigabyte one. I've overclocked it from a 1900+ to a 2100. I'm sure it can be overclocked much higher though
  4. im a fan boy am i?
    gee tah. just cauz i like the price/performance ratio im branded for life *sniffles*

    the best overclocker is the Epox 8K3A+ IMHO.
    the reason why i got it.
    Vcore up to 2.2V, but if your thinking about using anything over 2v i seriously suggest you use watercooling! :smile:
    what else... heaps of aggressive mem timings and its as stable as a brick.

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  5. i would reccommend the Epox 8K3A+, the Abit KX7-333R & the Asus A7V333-RAID for stability & an overclocking purpose.

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  6. Abit AT7 is proving to be a VERY nice overclocker. The Epox 8K3A+ is also extremely nice, but may be knocked from the throne a newer Epox board! (gee who woulda thought :smile: ) My friend has an A7V333 and that board also overclocks like a champ. I personally don't think I would buy any other brand besides Abit, Asus, or Epox, but thats just me and I could be missing out on something.

    Gosh I'm such a nerd sometimes, but then again arn't we all. :smile:
  7. I read THG's KT333 mobo roundup where both the Abit AT7, Asus A7V333, EPox-8K3A+, Soltek SL-DRV5, Soyo SY-KT333 Dragon Ultra and GigaByte GA-7VRXP participates.

    The speed and overclocking features of EPox-8K3A+ is acknowledged, but this board is lacking some features.

    Asus A7V333 seems to get more or less ignored/disqualified by THG, like they're punishing Asus for delivering a factory overclocked mobo running FSB 135. No comments about this boards OC features and the like, strange...

    GigaByte gets the thumbs up by TomsHardware.

    Out the above 3 mentioned boards, only Asus has Thermal protection. On the other hand I've read that the Asus boards is missing some overclocking features.

    As I said before, I'll be pumping serious amounts of ambient water towards the CPU, GPU and Northbridge, so I need a board that will allow me to push these things to the edge.

    At the moment I lean towards the GigaByte GA-7VRXP with the Epox on second place, mostly because GA-7VRXP seems to to a good mix between features and OC'ability.

    <i>/Copenhagen - Clockspeed will make the difference... in the end</i> :cool:
  8. I used to just go on what the reviews at this site said. What ever hardware the recomended I purchased. Not any more, you really need to read reviews from other places to make a more educated decision.
    I have an AT7 and it'll OC like theres no tomorrow. So will my IT7. Several review sites have hit insane FSB speeds on the AT7 as well. My friends Asus A7V333 has hit 180 FSB with relative stability (he needs better than Crucial PC2100) and most people are able to run 200 FSB on Epox 8K3A+ boards.
    I on the other hand have not heard many good things about the Gigabyte board, or any Gigabyte board for that matter.

    Epox does have a new board coming out called the 8K5A2+. I got this snippet about the board.
    EPoX’s newest EP-8K5A2+ is based on KT333 chipset paired with VT8235 in south bridge. It offers the features that everyone has been long waiting for, the USB 2.0 and built-in LAN connector. This 8K5A2+ has one the highest specifications among all the KT333 mainboards currently available in the market. The Boldest Specifications: EP-8K5A2+ is designed support the newest AMD Socket A processor. It features 3 PC 2700 DDR memory slots, up to 3GB of memories, 6 PCI slots, 1 4X AGP, built in 6-channel audio, USB 2.0 on SB, EPoX’s onboard debugger post card, 2 extra IDE ports by High Point 372 and 10/100MB fast Ethernet controller in chipset with external VIA VT6103 physical Layer by RJ-45 connector.

    So if your not purchasing yet you may want to wait for this board. I'm sure it'll probably be overclocking king for AMD cpus.

    Gosh I'm such a nerd sometimes, but then again arn't we all. :smile:
  9. Be sure to get m/b with termal protection and CPU in 0.13

    :wink: <font color=green> The second time is always better than the first :wink: </font color=green>
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