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My dell620 xp plugin microphone is not working. I installed skype and put on a tigerjet webcam (w/ mic). No audio on a call to or from. I checked the webcam by switching my wife's webcam. Same issue. I reinstalled drivers and got a visual response on the windows sound check but not on skype's. Now I am getting lost. Kent
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  1. your skype audio input device isn't set to microphone
  2. AntiZig said:
    your skype audio input device isn't set to microphone

    It turns out that when Magic Jack is turned on Skype audio will not work. That "not working" manifests itself as a dead microphone port. (I use MJ for all my daytime calls and never thought to turn it off. A buddy of mine suggested it as a what the hell effort.) Most of the time it is something simple, right? Kent
  3. Hello,

    You may try following the instructions provided in the following web link to resolve the issue with your microphone in Skype:

    Hope this helps.

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