Please advice which laptop to buy

I have to buy a new laptop. Basically, I'll be (almost) replacing my desktop as I plan to do all the development (Java, C#, Web) from my laptop rather than desktop hence looking for a powerful one.

I have looked at 4 laptops with same CPU but few changes (like screen width, or bigger battery or so). So, I am now confused which features will count as absolute must between those differences.

Following are the 4 which I am looking at (please feel free to suggest others):
Buy the ASUS G53SW-XT1 15.6 Notebook PC at

Buy the HP Pavilion dv7-6197ca 17.3 Notebook PC at

Buy the ASUS A73SV-XC1 17.3 Notebook PC at

Buy the Lenovo IdeaPad Y460P 14 Black Notebook PC at

Please help

Thanks in advance
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  1. Do you have any gaming needs?
  2. Not right now but it might change. But completely optional.

    My main needs are programming as mentioned or watching videos etc.
  3. Out of those options I would recommend the first one based on the fact that the higher resolution gives you a lot more space to work with when coding. Also it has a fairly good card which will definitely last you for a while specially if you're not looking for highest-end gaming.
  4. Thanks! So, 15.6" one and NOT 17.1".

    And 15.6 one has more RAM and bigger battery so should be good.

    Just one more question (for future knowledge and my understanding), why not HP or Lenovo?
  5. To be honest I don't have experience with the other brands but I can definitely say that I ruled the Lenovo one out because of the 1366x768 resolution which will leave you with little room to work with on programming environments.

    Another thing I would take into consideration but don't have an opinion on is the keyboard as that will be the part you will be interacting with the most. Some people prefer 'chiclet' type keyboards over regular ones but as with most things it always comes down to preference.
  6. thanks. So resolution and "not" normal keyboard rule other out. :)

    I prefer normal keyboard and higher resolution.,
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