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AXP+ Stock Fan

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July 12, 2002 7:51:45 AM

Anyone using the fan that came with the retail version of AXP 1800+? What's your average temperatures? I'm asking because I am going to use the stock fan and I want to know if its a good fan or if its junk.


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July 12, 2002 8:27:28 AM

stock fan is fine if you dont overclock your AXP...if you do...i wouldnt recomend the stock fan...

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July 12, 2002 6:03:16 PM

My stock fan for a 1700+ ran the CPU at stock speeds of 60ish idle, 65-66C underload! Usually you should keep an XP @ or below 65C underload.

I wanted my 1700+ to clock at 2000+ speeds so I got a volcano 7 and it's always under 60C now. So if the stock fan at stock speeds is running up to 65C it's normal and fine don't worry, any higher I'd consider a new HSF.
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July 12, 2002 6:40:20 PM

Damn, I have a stock HSF on my 1700+ and it almost never goes over 45C (cept when my roommate used to play Dark Age of Crackalot for 10 straight hours, put an end to THAT bs!). I use three Panaflo 80 mm fans in my case (49.5 CFM) and I use all round cables so airflow is maxed out.

July 13, 2002 1:18:42 AM

Yea same here, three panaflos (one in front, back and on PSU) my home is always climate control set around 72-74 and that sucker ran that hot, can't explain it must be the particular chip. Also have rounded IDE cables, etc. I just got the volcano so I could OC and it's fine now temp wise.
July 13, 2002 3:21:20 AM

Nah...I'm too nervous to overclock. It was a big step when I decided to build my own computer. Anyway how do you check the CPU temperature idle and underload?

July 13, 2002 3:31:23 AM

Use generic independant software like Motherboard Monitor 5, or your mobo probably has a temp sensor utility. My Epox 8KHA+ has a BIOS report when I boot my comp, a portion is dedicated in the bottom of the POST screen for the health monitoring and voltage and other speccs.
But monitor using MBM 5 for in-OS operation.

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July 13, 2002 4:17:54 AM

Sounds easy enough. Thanks all.