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Anyone using the fan that came with the retail version of AXP 1800+? What's your average temperatures? I'm asking because I am going to use the stock fan and I want to know if its a good fan or if its junk.

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  1. stock fan is fine if you dont overclock your AXP...if you do...i wouldnt recomend the stock fan...

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  2. My stock fan for a 1700+ ran the CPU at stock speeds of 60ish idle, 65-66C underload! Usually you should keep an XP @ or below 65C underload.

    I wanted my 1700+ to clock at 2000+ speeds so I got a volcano 7 and it's always under 60C now. So if the stock fan at stock speeds is running up to 65C it's normal and fine don't worry, any higher I'd consider a new HSF.
  3. Damn, I have a stock HSF on my 1700+ and it almost never goes over 45C (cept when my roommate used to play Dark Age of Crackalot for 10 straight hours, put an end to THAT bs!). I use three Panaflo 80 mm fans in my case (49.5 CFM) and I use all round cables so airflow is maxed out.

  4. Yea same here, three panaflos (one in front, back and on PSU) my home is always climate control set around 72-74 and that sucker ran that hot, can't explain it must be the particular chip. Also have rounded IDE cables, etc. I just got the volcano so I could OC and it's fine now temp wise.
  5. Nah...I'm too nervous to overclock. It was a big step when I decided to build my own computer. Anyway how do you check the CPU temperature idle and underload?

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  6. Use generic independant software like Motherboard Monitor 5, or your mobo probably has a temp sensor utility. My Epox 8KHA+ has a BIOS report when I boot my comp, a portion is dedicated in the bottom of the POST screen for the health monitoring and voltage and other speccs.
    But monitor using MBM 5 for in-OS operation.

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  7. Sounds easy enough. Thanks all.

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