Challenge: Lets build a laptop (Fun Project)

Hi there

I am looking for a laptop with specific set of features. I am challenging the community by asking them to come up with ideas to make this happen. Lets be open about this and have no it is impossible attitude.

1)What are the standard parts? Video Controller, LCD connectivity, Keyboard,...

2)How can one construct a chassis?


A laptop with following features:

- AMD A8-3500M with Secondary Graphics
- Minimum 8 GB of RAM
- Wacom/Digitizer Pen (Tablet PC functionality)
- Multi-touch features
- Screen Size: ~12"
- 9 Cell Battery

- Durable chassis and hinges for the screen since the screen needs to rotate and sit screen up for tablet use.


ARM based SoC inside the screen casing so that the screen can be detached and used as tablet for future Window 8 or Android...
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  1. My suggestion at first would be to obtain a laptop motherboard replacement from a laptop with similar spec.

    Then, need a find a method to fabricate the chassis.

    I would love to use keyboards from Lenovo ThinkPad series.
  2. LOL
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