Thinking about OCing...

This is the first time I even attempt of thinking about doing such on my AXP 1600+.

And I don't want a huge OC, nothing fancy, but I'd like to raise the FSB to 146MHZ, and get it to 1.53GHZ or XP1800+ speeds, but this is also since it won't just perform at that speed but slightly better than a stock 133MHZ XP1800+.

I have a Volcano 7, though I might add that the temps inside my case are around 53º average CPU and rarely higher, but this is when the comp is under stress like gaming. The system temp which I think might be close to case temp since the V7 uses that to determine its speed, is around 35-40 at the most drastic moments which are rare as well. I know this is bad cooling but again I do not worry unless my comp locks up. I will up my shut down temp limit that the Epox 8KHA+ thermal sensor technique can do, not the diode from AMD, but still it might work in case. The temp will go from 60 to 65 possibly, it should be more than enough, and the warn temp to 63º.
Now what I would like to know is: would a 133MHZ OC on a Palomino, up the temps a lot, including by FSB OCing? This is after all the second model of the Palomino series. I hope this isn't gonna up the temps to 60º average, though I sometimes overreact.

What do you think? Should I try it out, are there any things I gotta prepare or I simply go to BIOS, set the max shut down temps higher, and then go for the FSB option and set it to 146? Will anything such as PCI\AGP slots have problems with a ~10% OC in FSB? (I calculated 146/133*100=9.77 periodic)

Thanks guys!

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  1. You're actually asking us for advice??? *shudders* Wow, that's interesting...well...

    Your PCI specs would be easily within spec, only at 36.5Mhz with the 4 divider for 146 fsb. I doubt that would cause any unstability. Doesn't the Epox mobo support the 1/5 divider as well? With a Volcano 7, I HIGHLY doubt you will overheat with that small of an overclock. 10 percent overclock isn't really that much...imho, it's a perfectly fine idea.

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  2. HEHEHE... :smile: Didn't you know? Eden is computer hardware illiterate just like ME!! :lol: j/k BTW (to Eden) did you build that computer yourself?

    :smile: Falling down stairs saves time :smile:
  3. Yea with the volcano 7 you should be good, and the performance gain will probably be slightly noticeable. The chip will heat up, but you shoul be good at or below 65C under load. I usually try not to go over 145FSB, but 146 isn't too bad, as @ 145 you start to slightly stress the AGP/PCI buses. Goodluck!
  4. Heheh, I may sound smart guys but for real I have very weak hardware installation knowledge. I never built my own CPU and so far I have ONLY installed RAM! And even then it was hard to put in, thanks to DDR's wonderful push strengh!

    My next upgrade will be a better HDD, and this will be a huge challenge, cuz I got 2 drives now, will toss one away, so I should learn how to plug and remove one, then set the roles of Master and Slave, then FLASH BIOS on Epox's annoying BIOS flashing methods, then configure the new HDD and fdisk it as if I knew how, then get the XP CD ready and install, then configure the comp. "sigh", it'll be one long day and I'll be glad if I don't get many problems, it's my first time lol! I lack huge confidence in hardware, and if I can tame this one, I'd have a lot more confidence in myself, and would take control of my comp!

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  5. Hmm, didn't expect a 10% OC would raise up to 65º MAX, kinda high for 133MHZ more... especially considering it being the second model out, still not very hot. I do know though that my temps could've been a good 20% lower had I had a better airflow setup inside, man the wires are all tangled.
    But when you say slightly stress, does it mean I'd still run into possible problems?
    And forget unlocking lol, if I never touched a CPU and never installed one, including an AMD one yet, I think unlocking a Palomino is a no-no with cherries on top.

    Oh and another thing, I think most AXP-ready mobos do this but my 8KHA+ on POST says the model number and CPU Real Frequency. What would happen if I raise up to XP1800+ speeds or maybe a little more or less MHZ? Would it round it to the nearest model? (Such as 1.52GHZ would show XP1800+, while 1.58GHZ would show XP1900+) I know I ask very small picky questions, but I am the most curious person out there, and anything can pop into my mind. Hell I don't think anyone here ever does so much planning before a new purchase. It can take me about a week to finalize and be decided to buy a power bar lol! And if someone has taken 6 months like me to prepare and get this new comp of mine, then ok you beat me in planning! 6 long months to finally get a new system baby...

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  6. I looked in the mobo manual and could not find where the option for PCI dividers are. Anyone knows if this mobo has one? And where would I usually find it under, maybe I could then recheck the section exactly.

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  7. I´ve been running on a 147MHz FSB for a long time, and I´ve never had any problems. I even managed to lower the Vcore to 1,6. At 147 FSB you get 37 PCI and 74 AGP (296MHz with AGP 4x). You´ll get a nice memory boost by raising the FSB! You don´t really need to worry too much about the PCI, only if you´re using old or very low quality hardware.
  8. Eden, remeber that raising the FSB stresses the mobo and cards. SO more speed = more heat from the mobo and cards. So its not just your CPU thats adding heat into the case. I would try opening the side panel and see if that helps.
    If not, point a box fan into the case and see what that does. As for me, im putting the finishing touches on a watercooling system :)
    The pci divisors are in the bios somewhere. Its like a secondary option under something else. But if you cant find them, then maybe ya dont have them. Why not check with the mobo makers site and see what they say about divisors.

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  9. Only old things I might have are an AOpen FM56P 56K modem, had it since early 1999. I have an SB Live, NIC card, and that's almost all of my PCIs, I can't remember anything else now.

    My video card is an Asus GF3 Ti200.

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  10. The PCI and AGP dividers should be located in the BIOS, I believe "advanced chipset features", something like that. Haven't touched an Epox for a while, managed to handle one at a computer shop. We we're also goofing around with an old Asus stuff...*coughs* anyway though, yeah, a 10 percent FSB oc won't throw your PCI cards out of spec below 40MHz (default divider is 4).

    Oc that Geforce3!

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
  11. Yeah, the motherboards rounds down to the nearest model number, even if the Athlon is only running a few mhz above the actual speed for that coresponding model number.

    10 percent overclock is NOT going to run you at 65 degrees celsius unless you do a crappy mounting of the heatsink or don't use thermal paste. Not with a Volcano 7. Better airflow does help cooling, just make sure your cables are carefully placed out of the way.

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
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