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New CPU P4 help

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July 13, 2002 12:59:00 PM

I have just purchased a Asus P4S-533 SiS 645DX DDR P4 Mobo.
Im going to buy a P4 2.4 ghz cpu but i have a problem i have a choice of:
2.4 GHz *533FSB* Intel Pentium® P4 CPU 512k Cache
2.4GHz Intel Pentium® P4 CPU 512k Cache 9 (Northwood)

They are both different prices. Please can someone tell me which one is the fast cpu and what the difference is between the chips for future reference. Thanks to all that can help me.

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July 13, 2002 3:46:19 PM

Just get a 1.8a and set the FSB to 133. Voila! A 2.4GHz processor for the price of a 1.8.

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July 13, 2002 8:26:56 PM

anyone please???

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July 13, 2002 8:31:04 PM

"533FSB" = Better performer.

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July 14, 2002 1:08:34 AM

533FSB=better performance normally, but you'll be limitted to the performance of the memory. You can get the same results as the 2.4 533 with a 1.8A at 533 = 2.4 hmmm.

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July 14, 2002 1:43:03 AM

Probably would have better Overall system performance w/ the OCed chip...You're right, 1.8A is a better choice. But this gentleman in particular didnt even know what an FSB was. Plus he ran right over BC's post about 1.8a. He was pretty rude to BC by not acknowledging his post when all BC was trying to do was help....maybe I shouldnt have replied at all. Maybe I should've given him false info. He's probably going to use that computer to steal CC #'s, or, even worse, SPAM! and here I am helpin him out. I could be wrong. Or maybe he really is Eeeeeeevil?

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July 14, 2002 1:49:10 AM


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July 14, 2002 1:49:56 AM

Yeah. Dissed again. :smile: I should have read his post a little slower. I think he was looking for Crashman's explanation. Or maybe he is evil.

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July 14, 2002 2:34:21 AM

Nah, just evil. Evil and I have come to terms though, so I'm not afraid of evil. According to Machiaveli, evil can be a virtue.

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July 14, 2002 10:51:22 AM

sorry thanks black cat. Im just new to cpus and stuff and i didnt actually understand how your post helped. i thought you miss read what i had said or something but as it was intended as help thanks. Sorry for being nieve im just a noobie with computers (im building my first).
PS how can a 1.8 cpu = the performance of a 2.4?? do i have to really over clock the chip or something and change the fbs to 133 also erm how do i change the fsb of a chip??

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July 14, 2002 3:07:15 PM

In the BIOS of the motherboard, or set jumpers on the motherboard. The Bios is the easiest way to do it. You basically change the FSB from 100 to 133. And if the silicon gods have blessed you, she boots and runs right. I suggest you get an ABIT motherboard, theyre usually very overclocker friendly, w/ plenty of options. I dont know what kind of ram you're using so I wont speicify any one model in particular, just have a look at their site and see what you need. Cool post, maybe you're not so evil after all....heh.

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July 14, 2002 3:09:17 PM

The northwood "b" 533 has better performance, but only you can decide if it's worth the extra money. I would get the 2.26 if money's an issue, and run it at about 140-145 fsb (2.5). I just bought a 1.8a, and it's a dud, not running over 102 fsb. This is my 4th northwood, and the first one that wouldn't overclock, no matter what voltage I use.
July 14, 2002 3:13:42 PM

I'm a noob myself, but I was able to overclock a 1.8a last week to 2.4. The 1.8a has a default fsb (front side bus) of 100 MHz and an internal clock multiplier (CM) of 18x. The CM is what Intel does to the fsb to get the speed of the chip. So, 18x100=1.8 GHz. On a 2.0a, 20x is the CM and 20x100=2.0 GHz. You cannot change the CM. However, you can change the fsb by settings in the CMOS of your motherboard. So, if you change the fsb to 133, 18*133=2394 or 2.4 GHz. You need to get a good motherboard to allow you to overclock...the Abit TH7II or Gigabyte 8IHXP (the board I bought) are good choices if you want Rambus memory. If you want DDR, then somebody else can post a suggestion -- I stopped researching those M/Bs when I found out how much better Rambus RAM is.
Oh..but I see that you already have a M/B -- Asus is still good and I have read that you can overclock those too. I am not disappointed at all with my choice of saving a bunch of money by overclocking a 1.8a.

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July 14, 2002 3:14:56 PM

I just bought a 1.8a, and it's a dud

Did you try it on different motherboards? That's odd.

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July 14, 2002 3:19:05 PM

"not running over 102 fsb"

Also, don't some boards come slightly "juiced" a few mhz higher to look like better performers in the benches? That would mean on some boards it wouldnt boot at stock. You should be able to return that chip. If in fact it couldnt run over 102mhz in any board.

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July 14, 2002 10:01:58 PM

Ok thanks for all the help people ive decided to go for the 1.8 and im gonna change the fsb to 133mhz and 512megs of 333mz ddr. You all mention a 1.8a is does this mean northward proccessor? becuase again i have the choice of:

1.8 GHz Intel Pentium® P4 CPU 512k Cache 9 (Northwood)
1.8 GHz Intel Pentium® P4 Celeron CPU 128K Cache * S478

Please can someone tell me which on is the 1.8a because the above is how its listed from the online store im gonna buy from (
Thanks again to all youve all be a great help:) 

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July 14, 2002 10:15:02 PM

The 1.8a P4 has 512K cache Northwood, it is not a celeron which is a different chip.

Oh and if your in the UNited States I would recommend
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July 14, 2002 11:55:20 PM

good idea getting the 1.8a. i got the 1.6a with that same motherboard and it overclocks great. 1.8a should be even better. make sure you DON'T get the celeron one. get the one with a 512 cache.


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July 15, 2002 8:27:31 PM

cool thanks people i should get my cpu tomorrow:)  i hope the overclocking goes well:) 

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July 15, 2002 8:50:29 PM

Getting a P4 1.8A, I am. Getting an ABIT BD7II-RAID and 512MB PC2700, I am also.

:smile: Falling down stairs saves time :smile: