Auzzie Tbred 1.5v Overclocking.

An article a bit different from the rest, instead of taking the top of the line tbred at 1.65v they have used a lower CHEAPER one running at 1.5v. interesting.
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Proud owner of the <b>Beige Beast</b> :lol:
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  1. Wow I din't know that XP 1900(0.13) is already selling.

    :wink: <font color=green> The second time is always better than the first :wink: </font color=green>
  2. yeppers. seems so.
    and while the XP2200+ sucks at overclocking, it seems the low end tbreds OC really well. excellent bang for ones buck.

    Proud owner of the <b>Beige Beast</b> :lol:
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