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I have a Dell Studio 1735 Laptop. It is Constantly Making Noises all on it's own and sometimes it gets maddening. With the fingerprint recognition software. It begins to act as though a ghost is sitting next to me swiping his/her finger across the reader continuously....Each pop in the tone of a failed swipe attempt also shows a red flash on the fingerprint icon at the tray on the bottom. ALSO, Every so often it acts as if that same ghost is plugging in a usb drive and removing it as those tones also play over and over??? What is the Issue with this Laptop??? Is it Really Haunted? Being hacked? or just poorly made????? Thanks in Advance for any help...I am running windows vista and internet explorer 9. Everything is up to date.
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  1. Make sure the internal usb connector for the fingerprint reader is in tight. If there is a short in the cable or it is loose it can false detect swipes and it might think its being connected and removed if it has a usb connector. It's worth a shot
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