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Windows 7 NIC Problems


I have an Intel D865GBF Mobo. I installed Win7 on it and for some reason cant get the NIC to work. I installed 3com NIC and have the same problem. Is there something else i need to look at.
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    That MB is out of warranty and no longer updated/supported long ago. You might check the MB online product page for a 'Vista' driver which should work with Windows 7. It is possible the device is old and not compatible with Vista/Windows 7.

    Something like this or similar:

    Compatible with: Windows 7/Windows 98/2000/Server 2003/XP/Vista 32/64bit
  2. Hi
    I'm also using D865GBF (without a graphics or sound card) and have been looking for WINDOWS 7 Audio , graphics, Onboard LAN and .ini drivers for around a month on net. Will appreciate if you could let me know which ones u r using.

    Also what do i need to buy so that my system will support HD & HiQ.

    Thanks in advance
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