Why isnt my acer webcam not working?

why is not My web cam not working
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  1. check device manager to see if windows recognized it; if so, see if there is a conflict.
  2. Why isn't it not working? Whats wrong with it working? If you want it to not work then, simple, bang it with a hammer.
  3. Go to device manager and check if you see a yellow mark beside the Camera device. If not, chances are the drivers are installed and you can't get the front end (Crystal Eye to work). Download this tool and install it, it will provide you with a preview of the USB Video Stream. This way you will know that your webcam is working or not!

    This is acutally the Intex Drivers. I happen to own an Acer Laptop with the same problem. The video drivers work, but Crystal Eye (Front End) doesnt work. This Intex Driver will install a free front end to view the USB Camera Feed.
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